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CBRE Completes 2nd Annual Business Clothing Drive

CBRE held its second annual city-wide business clothing drive, called PurSUIT of SUCCESS, Sept. 10-21, collecting more than 3,000 articles of clothing to benefit local women and men in job training programs.

The two beneficiaries of the business clothing drive were:

>> Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping empower women through services focused on economic self-sufficiency, self-esteem and lifelong learning.

>> St. Joseph the Worker, which assists the homeless, low-income and other disadvantaged individuals in their efforts to become self-sufficient through quality employment.

Co-chairing the event were CBRE Communications & Media Manager Katherine Haug and Associate Bryan Moreno, who, along with company employees, collected, sorted, boxed and delivered thousands of gently-used business apparel to the charity partners.

“Finding a job can be difficult, but it can be almost impossible when you lack the clothing needed for an interview or full-time employment,” said Craig Henig, CBRE senior managing director and Arizona market leader. “Through the donation of thousands of suits, ties, slacks and blouses, CBRE is able to make a significant difference in the lives of many displaced workers in our community by helping them get back on their feet and back to work.”

In addition to clothing donations from local employees, 21 CBRE-managed buildings throughout the Phoenix area, along with their tenants, participated in the business clothing drive. Many of these locations also accepted donations from the public.

“The support of CBRE and the PurSUIT of SUCCESS clothing drive is so important to Fresh Start.  The donated clothing items assist our self-esteem center in wardrobing women for upcoming job interviews and court appearances, giving them a boost of confidence for those important transitions in their life,”  said Susan Berman, president/CEO of Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

Candace Sherwood, special events and outreach coordinator for Saint Joseph the Worker added: “The competition to get an interview is tough these days, so making a great first impression during an interview is critical. The clothing provided through PurSUIT of SUCCESS provides our clients the ability to do so.

“The items are professional, high quality and in great condition, which not only helps our clients look professional, but also helps them feel confident; two necessary components of a successful interview. St. Joseph the Worker is so thankful to have the support of CBRE and to partner with them in helping our clients secure quality employment.”

During the past two years, CBRE’s PurSUIT of SUCCESS has collected more than 6,900 articles of clothing, providing interview and work outfits for hundreds of people working to regain their independence.


CBRE - Pursuit of Success

CBRE's Pursuit Of Success Kicks Off Sept. 10

It was a success last year, and organizers are hoping for another big clothing collaboration.

Starting Sept. 10, CBRE will hold its second annual citywide business clothing drive.

The clothing drive, “PurSUIT of SUCCESS,” offers gently used business attire for men and women. It benefits two nonprofit organizations, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and St. Joseph the Worker.

It is also the largest business clothing drive in Metro Phoenix.

The two organizations provide job training, career counseling and emotional support to both women and men in Metro Phoenix. The organizations aim to give men and women the tools they need to succeed in the business world by giving them confidence and a positive self-image.

In 2011 people donated more than 3,900 apparel items to PurSUIT of SUCCESS. With eight additional drop-off locations throughout Metro Phoenix this year, CBRE officials say they believe people will be able to donate even more.

CBRE’s office is located at 2415 E. Camelback. Drop offs can be made Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. until the drive ends on Sept. 21.

In addition to the main donation area, 21 CBRE-managed buildings in Chandler, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and Mesa are also accepting clothing donations.

To learn more about PurSUIT of SUCCESS, visit: cbre.com/purSUITofSUCCESS

CB Richard Ellis Clothing Drive

CBRE Drive Nets 3,900 Articles Of Professional Clothing For Unemployed Job Seekers

CBRE collected more than 3,900 articles of professional clothing to donate to jobless people seeking employment in a Phoenix clothing drive held from Aug. 15-26.

“Business attire is one of those things most of us take for granted — until we don’t have it when we need it,” says Craig Henig, CBRE’s senior managing director. “It has truly been our privilege to be able to make a significant difference in the lives of these displaced workers by helping them get back on their feet and back to work through the donation of thousands of suits, ties, slacks and blouses.”

Local employees of the company, as well as 18 CBRE-managed buildings in Phoenix and their tenants, participated in the event, called PurSUIT of Success. CBRE donated the clothing to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and St. Joseph the Worker.

Fresh Start is a non-profit organization that helps to build women’s self-sufficiency and self-esteem. St. Joseph the Worker helps homeless and low-income people become independent though good employment.

“The PurSUIT of Success provided our job seeking clients much more than clothing,” says Amy Caffarello, executive director of St. Joseph the Worker. “It provided positive transformations of self-image, allowing them to gain confidence and pride, two things very necessary for a successful job search.

“CBRE went above and beyond by not only filling our clothing-closet shelves but saving the organization valuable time by delivering pre-sorted, pressed, ready-to-wear clothing which we could quickly get to our clients.”

“Fresh Start is so thankful to CBRE for this clothing drive,” added Barbara Ralston, CEO of Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. “Our self-esteem center wardrobes women every week for upcoming job interviews and court appearances; it is a major part of the services we provide to women.

“We were overwhelmed with the amount of business clothing that came to Fresh Start from the PurSUIT of Success and look forward to utilizing every piece for the ladies at Fresh Start.”


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