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Finding the Mate of Your Dreams!

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Looking for Prince or Princess Charming to come along and instantly make your life complete may work out in fairy tales, but usually not in real life. In spite of this knowledge, there is still a tendency to fall for the quick-fix connections offered by reality shows, instead of the more sustainable connections that grow… Read More →

New Year, New Business Ideas!

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While working away on planning your New Year’s resolutions, perhaps a consideration for your personal goals is to reach out professionally for new, fresh ideas that make your business work better. We have witnessed the biggest recession in decades, borderline depression, with failing businesses, jobs lost, and homes given back to the bank. Yet, I… Read More →

What To Do When Bad Business Partners Happen To Good People

Bad business partners

“He is robbing you blind.” Business owners are never emotionally prepared to hear these five words, but they should be poised for action to protect their own interests and those of their companies’ when business relationships turn hostile. Recently in Arizona, the owner of a residential property rental company found this out the hard way… Read More →