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How to utilize tax code, healthcare to increase retirement savings

Key Elements to Retirement Planning

According to a recent survey from, one in three Americans have no retirement savings, while only 56% have less than $10,000 saved. What many don’t know, and something local financial adviser and author of “Climbing the Retirement Mountain” Calvin Goetz shares with his clients at Strategy Financial Group, is that they could already be… Read More →

Why it’s important for women to save more for retirement

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For the past two decades, American women have been on a remarkable career trajectory as their roles in the workplace continue to change at a rapid pace. Women today earn more college and graduate degrees than men. Women business owners are also growing, with 36.3 percent of all privately held businesses in the United States… Read More →

The Retirement Savings Crisis – Infographic


If you are not saving as much as you should for retirement, you are not alone. Numerous surveys indicate that a staggering number of Americans are not saving enough for a comfortable retirement and many American workers are saving little or none of their income. The visualization below highlights the lack of preparation that will… Read More →