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ASICS at Scottsdale Quarter Now Open

Sports performance footwear, apparel and accessories brand ASICS America is expanding its retail footprint this weekend. With the addition of a storefront in the quad area of the Scottsdale Quarter, the retail store will provide runners, athletes and fitness enthusiast of all types with the largest collection of ASICS products. In addition, the ASICS Scottsdale… Read More →

Choosing the Right Shoe for Any Exercise

by in Healthy Living | Shape

Choosing the right shoe for almost any occasion, besides the beach, is difficult enough. When it comes to fitness, we think we know what we’re doing, but this one is really up the experts. Below is an infographic via Greatist that will ease the process and help you choose the healthiest – and hopefully, least… Read More →

50 Surprising Products Made From Oil

50 Surprising Products Made From Oil
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With the ongoing oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico being thrust into the national spotlight, I started thinking about how big a role oil really plays in our lives’. Treehugger compiled a very interesting and surprising list of products that feature petroleum or its byproducts. After reading through this list, I concluded that… Read More →