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ASICS at Scottsdale Quarter Now Open

Sports performance footwear, apparel and accessories brand ASICS America is expanding its retail footprint this weekend. With the addition of a storefront in the quad area of the Scottsdale Quarter, the retail store will provide runners, athletes and fitness enthusiast of all types with the largest collection of ASICS products. In addition, the ASICS Scottsdale store will feature its unique ASICS Foot ID®, offering customers a free, state-of-the-art, computerized gait analysis resulting in the perfect shoe pairing.

“With its beautiful climate, varied attractions, and vibrate business growth, Scottsdale is the ideal location for our newest Western storefront,” comments Kevin Wulff, ASICS America President and CEO. “As the first ASICS store in Arizona, we’re hoping to motivate the Scottsdale community and surrounding area full of young, active and style-conscious individuals, to better their best with ASICS’ wide variety of high performance athletic footwear, apparel and accessories.”

The new storefront will feature the brand’s 2014 Spring collections of high tech apparel, accessories and footwear including the 20th edition of the award-winning GEL-Kayano®. Beyond providing an exceptional product offering, the store will also look to become a pinnacle in the running and fitness community, hosting various group runs and workouts regularly as well as looking to sponsor other various events in the area that promote health and wellness.

The storefront, located at 15257 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 140, Scottsdale, Ariz., is set to open on Friday, February 21.


Choosing the Right Shoe for Any Exercise

Choosing the right shoe for almost any occasion, besides the beach, is difficult enough. When it comes to fitness, we think we know what we’re doing, but this one is really up the experts. Below is an infographic via Greatist that will ease the process and help you choose the healthiest – and hopefully, least ugly – shoe possible for any workout you wish you take on.

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50 Surprising Products Made From Oil

50 Surprising Products Made From Oil

With the ongoing oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico being thrust into the national spotlight, I started thinking about how big a role oil really plays in our lives’.

Treehugger compiled a very interesting and surprising list of products that feature petroleum or its byproducts.

After reading through this list, I concluded that I’m absolutely surrounded by petroleum. The experience was certainly eye-opening for me, I had no idea that petroleum literally was seeping into nearly every aspect of our everyday existence. Stretchy jeans, shirts, running shoes, lip gloss — you name it. They all have petroleum! iPods, cell phones and even gum also have petroleum byproducts. The author of the post makes a good point, doesn’t this make you wonder what we ever did without petroleum?

Does knowing all this change your daily routine? Does it make you think twice about the cosmetics and products that you buy?

Source: www.treehugger.com