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Notable fashionistas become notable by first being fashion deviants. The folkway – “All individuals mustn’t wear white before Labor Day.” My reason for deviance – It’s outdated and makes little sense. It actually may not even be considered deviant anymore because many brake this rule and I couldn’t be happier. White is hot because white… Read More →

Golf Fashion Tips From Sassy Golf: Dressing In Layers

golf fashion tips
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Greetings, Sassanistas! This month we’re going to be talking about dressing in layers. I know that Phoenix is no Denver, but it still gets nippy from time to time — especially those winter mornings. However, the difference is it doesn’t stay that way. Thanks to the abnormally strong desert sun, the day can warm up… Read More →

Golf Fashion Tips From Sassy Golf: Traditional & Modern

Sassy Golf Fashion Tips
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When you think of the sport “golf,” I’m going to bet that you are thinking about older, stuffy rich men rocking bland, ill-fitted khakis and polo shirts. And the women are worse ― fit the same profile but with an attitude. But, as every intelligent individual learns in life, stereotypes don’t always fit the bill.… Read More →

Denver-Based Sassy Golf Expands To Scottsdale, For Women Golfers Of All Levels

Sassy Golf expands to Scottsdale.
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This fall, the links are providing more than just a place for men to swing a few rounds for some male bonding time and competitive play. Look closely, and you’ll find the ladies of Denver-based Sassy Golf, which has recently expanded to the Scottsdale area — providing an inviting, supportive environment for women golfers of… Read More →