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Notable fashionistas become notable by first being fashion deviants. The folkway – “All individuals mustn’t wear white before Labor Day.” My reason for deviance – It’s outdated and makes little sense. It actually may not even be considered deviant anymore because many brake this rule and I couldn’t be happier.

White is hot because white is fresh. Almost everyone who puts on white appears tan, airy and ready to face the day with a light-hearted and optimistic attitude. It’s the new neutral and incorporating it is a breeze. Wear white as you would wear black.

And to those of you I don’t have on board yet (don’t think I don’t see you my firm believers of black = flattering, classic and sophisticated) I promise you white is not scary. I’m going to show you that white is for everyone. No matter what your shape or how spill-prone you are, white will work for you. Here are some golf fashion tips for incorporating white:

Dress in Layers

I know some of you are very skeptical because you’re thinking, “Oh god, I know for a fact white shows every tiny little flaw and therefore I steer clear for my own good.” I am not discrediting this. You are right. Here’s how to correct it – layer.

Lulu White zip-upEveryone has at least a couple flaws and jackets hide flaws, even white jackets. Check out this white zip-up from Lululemon for $128. Lulu has done nothing but impress me year after year. Not only does this jacket (along with all other Lululemon products in my opinion) have a slimming effect but it couldn’t be more functional as well. It has zip pockets, moisture-wicking technology that keeps sweat away from your body, anti-stink protection and even an emergency hair tie on the zipper. And for those of you still dead-set on your black the jacket is available in black as well – you can add in your white with the layer underneath.

Also you must check out this Uba Hoddie *Lux from Lululemon for $148. This could not be more functional, period. Just check out the pictures. It comes with a built-in layer that’s removable, a specific spot for your smart phone, and a useful hood.

Uba Hoodie 3 Uba Hoodie 2 Uba Hoodie 4

Don’t Forget your Bottom Half

If you want to wear a loud jacket on top, you can always make your neutral the bottom half of your outfit.

Check out these Lululemon Studio Pant’s for $118 or these golf pants from Jofit for $78. Three things come to mind when I consider theses pants. Number one, comfort. I know for sure that the Lulu’s feel like pajama pants. Number two, shade. They’re both a bit of an off-white. This way you’re not blinding people on the course and can’t be seen shinning multiple holes away. Stark white can be a little obnoxious. And finally, number three, material. The type of material on both pants is convenient for easy cleaning for all my spill-prone’s out there.

Lulu Studio Pant  Jofit Golf PantLulu Skirt White

Or try a nice white skirt like this one from Lululemon for $58. I guarantee you your legs will look their best. Talk about an easy way to make your skin look golden.

It’s Spring, Bring on the Pastels

When I think of spring, do you know what I think of? Pastels. And do you know what color looks great with pastels? White!

Same Rejuvenate Yellow Rejuvenate PinkA great way to incorporate early spring pastels is with jackets. This way, you can look like spring flowers but be comfortable at the same time. We all know March can still get nippy from time to time. Check out the Rejuvenate Hoodie from Lululemon for $98. You could wear this with a white pant or skirt like I mentioned above or wear a white t-shirt underneath.

Or add your pastel on your lower half. The Lululemon skirt I showed you above also comes in this fresh pastel green. You could pair this with a white jacket or a white t-shirt.

Same Lulu Skirt GreenAnd as a sidebar for my girls who can’t help but get themselves dirty, you’ll be happy to know that white is not banned from you anymore. Like I said, a lot of materials now are resistant to stains but, even if you do spill, there are tons of easy ways to remove it. For the wash, I recommend using Greased Lighting or Oxi Clean and for the course, Tide and Shout makes these handy little wipes that will fit in your golf bag.

See, I told you white is for everyone. So put your black back in the closet for next winter and break out your whites. Until next time sassanistas.

Be strong, be smart, be sassy!

Nancy Collins

golf fashion tips

Golf Fashion Tips From Sassy Golf: Dressing In Layers

Greetings, Sassanistas! This month we’re going to be talking about dressing in layers. I know that Phoenix is no Denver, but it still gets nippy from time to time — especially those winter mornings. However, the difference is it doesn’t stay that way. Thanks to the abnormally strong desert sun, the day can warm up to a perfect 70 degrees. That’s why I think layers are more of a necessity here than anywhere else.

The key to mastering this trend (yes, layering is not only practical; it just happens to be trendy as well!) is cutting out the bulk. Ensuring that your layers are lightweight will save you from a lot of discomfort both early and late in the day. Not only will you be able to have free range of motion, you’ll also be able to store them without having to drag a suitcase along with you.

What’s even better is the fact that manufactures have made a point of creating lightweight apparel without sacrificing function. Simply put: You’ll still be warm. The three most efficient ways to layer include jackets, vests and leggings. I’ll show you how to rock each look.

Golf Fashion Tips: Dressing In Layers

The Jacket

Calvin Klein Performance, $74.25 We’ll start with the most obvious choice for layering — the jacket. Again, lightweight and limiting excess bulk is key here. I would avoid any type of down jacket because you’ll feel very restricted. Although fashion is a ton of fun, the first priority is the game, and you need full range of motion, in your arms especially, for your swing.Try something like the blue, or almost periwinkle, zip-up of the Calvin Klein Performance line found on Bonton.com for $74.25. It’s almost like a down vest and zip-up in one. This is a perfect compromise because the arms are still knit and allows you that range of motion. This zip-up also comes colors ranging from a classic black to a flaming, fire-engine red; it just depends on how bold your personal style is. Just remember: If you make it a statement piece, the rest of your outfit should be toned down.

Or, try something a little more classic like the Bogner jacket to the left for $499. It fits the lightweight and movable bill, and it has this classic golf plaid pattern in a neutral black, white and gray. This makes it very versatile because it will compliment any outfit.

golf fashion tips


To me, there is nothing worse than freezing your ass (and legs) off. But a lot of times, the lower half of your body is literally left out in the cold because it’s much more difficult to layer. My solution is leggings and legwarmers.

Leggings are great because it allows you to wear that little skirt you love no matter what the weather looks like. You can try the capri-cut, like those on the bottom left from Nordstrom for $24; or strut your stuff in a loud pattern. Leggings also come in a rainbow of colors, so feel free to play away. Again, remember a bold pattern or color should be the focal point of the outfit; keep the rest toned down.

Legwarmers, unbelievably, got reincarnated from the ’80s, and I love it. They are a lot easier to take off than leggings, if need be, and can pull your whole outfit together. For instance, I have a pair that are argyle, and they’re one of my go-to items. Just another way to add in some of that classic golf style. Check out the Burlington Classic pair (bottom, center) for $21.24. They come in almost any color combination you can imagine on Hosiera.com.

Finally, I just have to show you these. Do you remember those ill-designed cargo pants that zip off into capris and shorts? Good idea, bad design. Well, I found someone who managed to get it right. They are black J Brand skinny jeans to the bottom right. I know they’re jeans but if the denim is more of a stretch blend, which most women’s jeans are moving towards, they’ll be workable. Talk about easy and stylish.

Nordstrom, $24 Nordstrom, $40 Burlington Classic Hosiera, $21.24 J Brand, $328 J Brand, $328 Capri

The Vest

Bogner, $499 Finally, we’ll talk about the vest. This section is for those of you who just can’t fathom wearing anything other than down because no matter what people say, it’s the warmest stuff out there.A full-blown down jacket is simply not going to work, but a vest will. It’s the best of both worlds. You’re warm in your down and have complete range of motion. This is another place where you can play with color. I love this hot-pink Bogner vest (to the left) for $499. It also comes in bright orange, black and white.

Or, try something less bulky, like the sleek, black-and-white Calvin Klein Performance vest (bottom left) for $79.50 Not only does it look nice, but it’s also made out of a quick dry material to keep you comfortable in the rare occasion that it rains.

Calvin Klein Performance vest, $79.50

Where do you find all this stuff you ask? Well, online, of course; but if you are one of those people who just has to try things on, you’re in luck. Calvin Klein Performance has a store at the Scottsdale Quarter, GrayHawk Golf Club carries Bogner apparel and a Nordstrom is located at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Hopefully now you’ll know longer say that it’s just a little too chilly to hit the golf course. If you can master layering, you’ve mastered being physically comfortable (skills aside that is) while in the game. See you later, Sassanistas!

Be strong, be smart, be sassy!



Sassy Golf Fashion Tips

Golf Fashion Tips From Sassy Golf: Traditional & Modern

When you think of the sport “golf,” I’m going to bet that you are thinking about older, stuffy rich men rocking bland, ill-fitted khakis and polo shirts. And the women are worse ― fit the same profile but with an attitude. But, as every intelligent individual learns in life, stereotypes don’t always fit the bill. Take my league for example: Sassy Golf.

Sassy Golf is all about fun, friendship and stress-free competition. We’re a league of our own, so it’s only natural to assume that we are making a statement on the course as well ― a fashion statement, that is. Who says you have to look like frumpy, old women to respect the traditional dress code? I’m going to show you how to look fashionable and fabulous on the course, instead of fugly and frumpy.

Now don’t get me wrong here; I’m not suggesting you show up looking like Lady Gaga. I’m just encouraging you to have fun with it. Let your outfit match your experience. That can be anything from a small twist on the traditional to really standing out and sassing it up.

Below are golf fashion tips and tricks to creating a look that accentuates your personal style.

Traditional with a twist

First, it is not in my intention to bash on traditional golf wear. Traditional is fashionable but just needs a bit of a facelift. The key to pulling off the traditional look successfully is making sure all of the pieces fit correctly. Some of you may be thinking, “well, duh,” but you would be amazed how many people fall victim to this fashion “don’t” ― the No. 1 fashion “don’t,” in my opinion.

As David Meister, celebrity fashion designer and dress guru, says: “I always tell people that you can take a $10 dress, and if it’s altered beautifully to your body, it can look amazing. And you can take a $10,000 gown, and if it doesn’t fit, it looks like 10 bucks.”

Below are some examples for the updated traditional. To the left, we have we have a pair of Old Navy khaki shorts for $19.94 paired with a 3/4-sleeve argyle sweater from Lacoste for $119.99. And to the right, we have black-and-white plaid Bermuda shorts found on eBay for $27.99 paired with a pink, Johnny-collared polo found on Amazon.com for $10.95.

sassy golf, old navy sassy golf, lacoste sassy golf, ebay sassy golf, amazon

Also, color is always a safe way to add a twist, and I know most pieces come in a variety of colors ― so play all you want.

Make them look twice

This section is for those of you who want to wear something that will draw a little attention, but nothing too extreme. The best way to achieve this look is with bold colors/patterns and accessories.

sassy golf, old navy sassy golf, Forever 21 To the left, we have those same Old Navy shorts with a bright, canary-yellow cardigan from Forever 21 for $19.80. You could either pair this with a form-fitting tank-top underneath, or go a more traditional route with a polo. Choose what matches your style most.
Another optional piece for this outfit is adding a skinny belt around your waist, like the one on the right from Nordstrom for $38. These could not be more trendy right now, and it’s a great way to accentuate your shape. Or, check out the fun pattern on this tennis-like skirt from Lululemon for $68. It has shorts underneath, but if you still feel like it’s a little too short and tight, try getting it a size or two larger. Nordstrom-$38 Lululemon-$68

Sass it up!

This section is dedicated to all my bold fashionistas out there that like to have fun, stand out and be different. My advice is this: Mix and match, and find different pieces that speak to you.

Amazon Something that speaks to me is this unique, asymmetrical, cutout turtleneck from Amazon.com for $34.99. I could not be more excited to show you this. It’s sexy and conservative at the same time, and it respects the traditional dress code. Just remember, if you have your shoulders covered, you do not need a collar. So a sporty tank top isn’t appropriate, while a sleeveless polo is completely fine. The best thing to do with a statement piece like that turtleneck is to pair it with something simple, like those Old Navy shorts or a plain tennis skirt.

Or, try something like I have below. I love this cropped, hot-pink cardigan from Forever 21 for $13.80. It’s a bold/traditional fusion. The color allows you to stand out, and the fact that it’s cropped helps you show off your body. I’ve paired it with Lululemon’s groove pants for $98. I have to rave about these. Not only are they comfortable and make anyone’s legs and butt look amazing, but you can also dress them up. I wear them everywhere. A longer tank top under the cardigan would be my suggestion because then you can take the sass a step further with a hip-slung, chain-link belt like the one below from Nordstrom for $225.

sassy golf, Forever 21 sassy golf, lululemon sassy golf, Nordstrom

Following these fail-safe tips, you’re sure to look fashionable and fantastic. It’s all about fun and feeling great while having it. Until next time, Sassanistas.

Be strong, be smart, be sassy!


Sassy Golf expands to Scottsdale.

Denver-Based Sassy Golf Expands To Scottsdale, For Women Golfers Of All Levels

This fall, the links are providing more than just a place for men to swing a few rounds for some male bonding time and competitive play. Look closely, and you’ll find the ladies of Denver-based Sassy Golf, which has recently expanded to the Scottsdale area — providing an inviting, supportive environment for women golfers of all levels.

Nancy Collins, founder of Sassy GolfIt began four years ago when Nancy Collins, who was new to the Denver area at the time, was not only looking for affordable lessons, flexible golf schedules and places to golf, but also women who were just as busy and inexperienced at the game as she was.

Four years later, Sassy Golf’s membership grew to more than 470 members — offering an environment where women can learn the game together with its 45-minute, pre-game lessons; improve their skills at their own pace; socialize and have fun.

“Sassy Golf is all about ‘ease of entry’ and making the experience light, fun, non-competitive, while also learning the game,” Collins says.

“We succeeded when we were young with positive feedback and encouragement, so why does it have to stop now that we’re adults and juggling 100 things, and life gets so competitive and hard? So with Sassy Golf, I tell all the members to leave their tough days at the door and have fun — hence why I offer everyone a drink if they choose to have one.”

And women golfers in Scottsdale are already taking part. Sassy Golf, to date, has close to 70 members and growing daily, according to Collins. She says her goal is to have 150 members this season.

“We decided to expand to Scottsdale for two reasons,” Collins says. “One, because it has the opposite season as Denver. Denver is May 1st to mid-October, and Scottsdale is mid-October to May 1st; so we can be open 12 months out of the year. And two, Scottsdale is the mecca of the golf industry in the U.S. I wanted it to expand here to earn the respect of my peers and the industry leaders. Being here is like being at the Super Bowl for golf.”

Yearly memberships are $249 and include a “play and pay” feature where members can play as few or as many rounds of golf as they would like; monthly, 18-hole, co-ed rounds; free golf clinics and equipment demos; discounts on golf gear and clothing; complimentary membership goodies and more. Corporate memberships are also available for groups of 10 or more.
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For those women interested in learning the game of golf, Collins offers these do’s and don’ts:


  • Pick up your ball in-between shots when you think you may be taking too long.
  • Drive past the green when putting so that if/when there’s a foursome close behind you, you don’t waste time and can be out of their way to hit.
  • Keep score if you choose to, but don’t hold up the game or make anyone else keep score if they don’t want to. It’s up to the individual.
  • Always be nice and respect each other, and always help each other out. We are or were all newbies at one point.
  • Always have fun, laugh, and pay it forward!


  • Talk when others are hitting the ball.
  • Take longer than a couple minutes to find your lost balls.
  • Walk on someone’s line on the putting green.
  • Mark your ball every time on the putting green.
  • Keep score if you don’t want to. We aren’t the pros, so keep it light and fun!


For more information about Sassy Golf, visit sassygolf.net.