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Things To Do In Arizona: The Scottsdale ArtWalk

Scottsdale ArtWalk
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In Arizona sometimes the heat of the evening has folks taking shelter within their homes. The Scottsdale ArtWalk, however, is an event that seems to bring everyone out on a Thursday night if even for a few hours. The hustle and bustle of Scottsdale invites shoppers to its fabulous stores and unique restaurants, but another… Read More →

Experience The Musical Instrument Museum [VIDEO]

Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale
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Music aficionados and enthusiasts, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix is the place for you. From the musical roots of Africa to the current-day music legends, such as John Lennon and Carlos Santana, the Musical Instrument Museum covers everything, from nearly every corner of the world — educating you on the history of musical instruments.… Read More →