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Tattoo Removal Industry Booming As More Try To Live Without Regret

Tattoo removal specialists at the National Laser Institute in Scottsdale work on removing a tattoo from a client.

That’s the end of tat: Tattoo removal industry is booming as more try to live without regret. Joelle Murray is a typical Scottsdale soccer mom. She is 34. Two kids. She drives a BMW SUV. She takes yoga three times a week. She loves her life. But she hates her ink. “I hate to admit… Read More →

Stem Cells Give Plastic Surgery A Facelift

Stem Cells Give Plastic Surgery A Facelift
by in New You

For those looking for a new solution to looking younger, a local plastic surgeon is suggesting a different type of facelift — stem cell facelifts. “Standard facelifts are pretty two-dimensional,” says Scottsdale plastic surgeon Jeffrey Ptak. “They pull the skin tighter, but that doesn’t necessarily make it look younger.” Stem cell facelifts are three-dimensional, and… Read More →

The Skinny On Tummy Tucks

Tummy Tucks Surgery - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

With three different procedures available, local surgeons discuss everything you need to know about tummy tucks Post-pregnancy mommies and extreme weight loss patients love it when they reach their goal weight because it’s the moment when they realize that all their hard work paid off. Their goal has been realized. What they don’t love, though,… Read More →