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Google Instant – Google Redefines How Search Engines Work “Again”!

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Google Instant predicts what the user is typing and shows results as the search query is being typed. Benefits include faster searches, smarter predictions and instant results. Jonathan Effrat Product Manager Introducing Google Instant Google Instant: Launched September 8th 2010 Will Google Instant slow my Internet connection? About Google Instant Google anticipates that Google Instant… Read More →

Attention Cyber Shoppers: Do Your Homework Before Entering The E-commerce Arena

Here’s advice for any business giving serious consideration to selling goods and services online: Before diving into electronic commerce, make sure to get your feet wet in such critical areas as marketing, networking, branding, fulfillment and customer service. Novices can hone these skills by selling on eBay or placing products on Amazon Marketplace. But even… Read More →