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JLL, Roger Staubach Predicting Victory for New England on Sunday

University of Phoenix, Glendale, 2015 Super Bowl

Oddsmakers see an even matchup in Sunday’s Big Game between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, but if commercial real estate statistics – and the view of a former title game MVP – are considered, Tom Brady should celebrate his fourth championship. JLL and its Americas Executive Chairman Roger Staubach are predicting a victory… Read More →

Travis Brown: From The NFL To The CCV

Travis Brown
by in Profiles

When former NFL quarterback Travis Brown sustained shoulder and elbow injuries early in his 2005 season, he fully expected to return to the game after a standard period of convalescence. “When I was done playing, I didn’t know I was done playing,” Brown says. His injuries, and the resulting surgeries, would mark the end of… Read More →