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SOLON Receives 1.15MW Solar Power Contract In Tucson

SOLON Corporation, one of the largest providers of turnkey solar power plants and photovoltaic (PV) products in the U.S., today announced it has contracted with the Tanque Verde Unified School District (TVUSD) to build 1.15-megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic (PV) systems in Tucson.

The total system capacity for the TVUSD project, 1.15 megawatts (MW), is spread over 4 campuses of the Tanque Verde High School and Elementary School, the Emily Gray Junior High School and the Agua Caliente Elementary School. These systems will be a combination of shade structures and rooftop systems, and the outputs will offset a large portion of the daytime energy requirements of each campus.

SOLON will engineer, design, construct, commission and maintain the operation of the systems. SOLON will provide the energy produced by these systems to TVUSD through a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA). Under this form of ownership, TVUSD will be responsible only for purchasing the solar electricity that the systems produce, and will enable the District to reduce its operating expenses by saving money on its utility bills with no upfront costs required. As utility rates continue to rise over the next 25 years, TVUSD will enjoy a low fixed rate for this electricity, and the campus’ students, staff and guests will benefit from the shade provided by the structures. This program is helped made possible by the rebates provided by the local utility, Tucson Electric Power (TEP).

“We are very pleased that our district will benefit in many ways from the installation of solar energy systems,” said Claire Place, member of the TVUSD Governing Board. “The idea to implement a solar energy project as part of TEP’s renewable energy rebate program began with community input, and that initiative will positively impact our district and schools for many years to come. The solar installations will bring cost savings, campus improvements and educational opportunities to our students, staff and community. As the solar power provider selected for this project, SOLON has been very responsive to our district needs and specifications. We look forward to our continuing partnership with them as we move through the installation and integration phases of this project.”

“SOLON has become a leading provider for solar solutions to the K-12 school districts in Arizona by listening to our customers’ needs,” said Robert Wanless, Director of Business Development for SOLON Corporation. “Understanding the unique requirements of a school is essential to delivering a complete solution that will work for not only their energy needs, but also will provide the optimal financing solution to maximize cost savings. SOLON has enjoyed working with TVUSD to ensure the systems have been designed to be the most functional for each campus.”

These systems will be completed and fully operational later this year and early 2013.

For more information on SOLON Corporation and its solar power plant contract with TVUSD, visit SOLON’s website at solon.com.

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SOLON Rooftop System Wins Intersolar AWARD

SOLON Corporation, one of the largest providers of turnkey solar power plants and photovoltaic (PV) products in the U.S., announced it has been selected as the winner of the prestigious Intersolar AWARD 2012 in the Photovoltaic category, recognizing SOLON’s patent pending SOLquickTM commercial rooftop system as one of the most pioneering technologies and innovations of 2012.

The SOLquick system, a versatile new plug-and-play commercial rooftop solution, successfully integrates a frameless module and racking into a unitary product to bring tremendous cost savings, simplicity and design value far above standard module installation practices.

Developed to reduce overall system cost by targeting installation labor, the SOLquick system is designed to ship directly to the work site, fully assembled with no staging or tools required. The product can be installed in 10 units per man hour and initial SOLquick flat roof installation has proven to reduce mechanical installation time by over 85 percent and electrical installation time by 50 percent.

Featuring Fibrex material from Andersen Corporation, an innovative wood and thermoplastic composite material for the racking, the SOLquick system is significantly lighter than traditional roof-mounted systems, at 2.8psf (80lbs). In addition, the system requires no additional ground wire, which further minimizes labor and cost.

“It is an honor to be recognized by our peers as an innovation leader in the solar industry”, said Daniel Alcombright, SOLON Corporation’s President and CEO. “Winning the Intersolar AWARD for the SOLquick system highlights the importance of developing innovative products to attack overall system and installation efficiencies and costs, saving both time and money and allowing installers to increase the number of installations in their portfolio.”

The industry-renowned Intersolar AWARD is given out annually by an independent panel of judges in the award categories of photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies and PV production technologies (in cooperation with SEMI PV Group). Over 3,500 exhibitors from Intersolar Europe, Intersolar North America, Intersolar India and Intersolar China are all eligible to compete for the Intersolar AWARD. Nominees are judged on their innovation compared to other products currently on the market as well as their technological and economic benefits and their contribution to the industry, environment and society.

For more information on SOLON Corporation and the Intersolar AWARD, visit SOLON Corporation’s website at solon.com/us.