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Solatube - Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011

Solar Concepts’ Solatube Reduces Home Energy Use

Solar Concepts’ Solatube reduces home energy use and your electricity bill

For those looking to help save energy and preserve our environment, the switch to natural lighting systems is a bright idea.

Current trends show more people are switching from light bulbs to natural lighting, with one popular product being tubular skylights. They offer bright, natural light in your home that will reduce your energy use and, more importantly, your electricity bill.

Tubular skylights are installed in the ceilings of any room and capture light through a dome in the roof. An internal reflective system then channels the light, moving it through the tubing system to be emitted through the diffuser on the ceiling that spreads the light evenly throughout the room.

These skylights have benefits beyond energy saving and money saving, though. They offer a light much brighter than the 100-watt bulbs frequently purchased for kitchens and living rooms. Numerous studies have also shown that in naturally-lit settings, workers are more productive, students are more academically successful, and consumers buy more from businesses.

One increasing popular product of natural lighting is Solatube, a daylighting system originally created in Australia in the late 1980s that arrived in the U.S. in 1992. The products are sold at various locations across the country, and Solar Concepts is the premier distributor of Solatube products in Arizona.

While there are numerous skylights available, Solatube offers a unique product with distinct features from its competitors. When asked what sets this tubular skylight apart from others, Scott Lawrence, manager of Solar Concepts says, “The technology. We have it, and others don’t.”

He says their product emits two to five times as much white light, not blue or yellow like most skylight models.

“Solatube is the only product that provides this natural lighting without also bringing into your home heat, UV rays, and leaks,” Lawrence says.

He adds most skylights come with these three unwelcome guests, but not Solatube. The technology is so advanced, the product blocks heat and UV rays from coming into homes. All Solatube products also come with a 10-year warranty to ensure quality satisfaction.

Solar Concepts has proven to be a customer-friendly and efficient business. The Better Business Bureau rated it an A+ company, and Angie’s List granted it the Super Service Award for Best Customer Service Company in 2010.

Lawrence says he has “never before worked with a product that customers love so much.” The only struggle the company has encountered over the years is that there are still many people unaware of Solatube, he says.

The purchase and installation price for Solatube skylights starts at $579, but customers can get one-third off that payment back in tax credits. Solar Concepts also offers a year-round bundle sale, so if you buy three products, you get $150 off your purchase.

While the initial price of the tubular skylight isn’t inexpensive, the product can save you thousands of dollars a year on electricity costs.

To learn more about Solatube products or Solar Concepts, visit solarconceptsaz.com or call (480) 968-1777.

Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2011


Green News Roundup, Wind Energy in US

Green News Roundup – Wind Industry, Green Products

Welcome to our weekly green news roundup. This week we’ve gathered stories about green products for the home, that status of the wind industry in the U.S. and more. Feel free to send along any stories you’d like to see in the roundup by e-mailing me at kasia@azbigmedia.com.

Also visit AZ Green Scene for informative articles on sustainability endeavors in the Valley and state.

Cape Cod Project Is Crucial Step for U.S. Wind Industry
Offshore wind turbines have been crucial to generating electricity in nine European countries, and China’s first opens this month. Finally, after 10 years of effort, the Obama administration is getting ready to announce the decision on Cape Wind off the coast of Massachusetts. The decision could determine the future of wind energy in the United States. (This article, written Monday, provides context for the project, which was approved Wednesday.)

Why Are Windmills Always White?
Now that the Cape Cod project has been approved, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of how wind energy and windmills work. It may all seem basic, but this article explains the little nuances of windmills — the color, the design — and how they work together to provide us with energy.

IKEA to put solar panels on roof of Tempe store
IKEA is planning to install 2,600 solar panels on its 46,000-square-foot Tempe location.  It will produce about one million kilowatt hours of electricity every year and offset 712 tons of carbon. This is IKEA’s third solar project, following Pittsburgh and Brooklyn, and is expected to be completed in the fall.

Green Products for the Home
Renovating? Seize the opportunity to make adjustments to reduce energy and water use. This article suggests places to shop for sustainable home items, and suggests specific items, such as the Solatube, a skylight-like device that can be installed on a roof to redirect sunlight into a house. As long as you’re making changes, might as well make them green.

60% of Americans Live Where Pollution “Reaches Dangerous Levels”
Steps have been taken to decrease air pollution in cities in recent years, but unfortunately it continues to be a problem. 175 million Americans currently live in places where air pollution reaches dangerous levels on a regular basis. Hopefully legislation will keep coming and pollution will continue to decrease.