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Officials back bill to encourage renewable energy on public lands

State and federal officials praised a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would encourage renewable energy development on public lands by streamlining the permitting process and letting local governments share in revenues from the projects. The bill would “level the playing field” between renewable and fossil fuel projects on federal lands by creating a streamlined leasing process… Read More →

Sonoran Institute, Arizona Wilderness Coalition Encourage A Sustainable Environment

EcoFlight, sustainable environment, Photo: Valley Forward
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Two non-profit organizations are working together to foster a sustainable environment and vibrant economy in the West Valley, recognizing the natural and cultural assets of these communities. I was honored the Sonoran Institute and the Arizona Wilderness Coalition recently invited me to take an airplane tour to see and hear first hand about their efforts.… Read More →

Climate Change In The Intermountain West

According to the majority of climate modeling studies, the Intermountain West is anticipated to feel the impacts of climate change more acutely than the rest of the nation. These effects range from an increase in the frequency and severity of drought episodes, a rise in catastrophic wildfires, more severe weather events, and the potential loss… Read More →

Green News Roundup – Climate Change, Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging & More

Green Cosmetics
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Welcome to our weekly green news roundup. This week we’ve gathered stories about planning for climate change, eco-friendly cosmetic packaging, and homemade nontoxic spring cleaning materials. Feel free to send along any stories you’d like to share by e-mailing me at Also visit AZ Green Scene for informative articles focusing on sustainability endeavors in… Read More →

Adding Leverage To Going Green At Arizona Businesses

Minnesota flag
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Minnesota is kicking our butt. No, I’m not talking ice hockey or the fact that they have 10,000 lakes — yes, it’s not just their state motto. Rather, I’m talking about their killer support for their environment — hey, they have 10,000 lakes to keep pristine remember? But seriously, Minnesota is leaving us in the… Read More →