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Out of Africa Entrance

An Out-Of-Africa Arizona Safari

Ever dream about a safari vacation in the Serengeti? Have your kids been begging you for a day where they can play with impalas and jaguars? (And I’m not talking about cars, you American junkie.)

Well, look no further than our own Southwestern jewel of Sedona for an African experience that’s Out of Africa … and this world.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park sits on 104 acres of land atop Mingus Mountain, overlooking the spectacular red rocks and San Francisco Peaks.arizona safari out of africa

In its 23 years, Out of Africa has held no boundaries. Founders Dean and Prayeri Harrison dreamt of a land where species could interact with one another as naturally as they do in Africa, and as their homepage suggests, “the concept of oneness is illustrated with unsurpassed majesty.”

Although I visited the park two years ago, my mother still talks about how she came to understand the expression, “you’re laughing like a hyena!” She saw them in action, laughing, well, like hyenas. My most memorable experience from the park? A giraffe steering his neck to lick pellets out of my hand; I really did feel at one with nature at that point.

Your standard jeep safari is a double-decker trolley that’s usually filled to capacity, but don’t let that turn you off; the tour-guide-slash-walking encyclopedia that knows everything you’d ever want to know about animals makes up for the crowded space. An ostrich egg, the world’s biggest egg, is even passed around to be admired — and boy, let me tell you, that thing is HEAVY. To be precise, they weigh 3 lbs on the average; that’s over 20 times the weight of a chicken egg!

arizona safari out of africa

Hope to see you soon!

If you’d like to keep it personal with your family, there are also more authentic, private tours that come equipped with a park guide and your dream jeep.

The park also has three once-daily shows. Unfortunately my family did not get there on time to watch these seemingly awe-inspiring shows. The Tiger Splash, everyday at 1:15 p.m., has Bengal and Siberian tigers playing fetch and swimming together all the while the MC teaches the audience about how various instinctual, animalistic behaviors become habits.

With the help of a stick and the fence between you, you can also feed a tiger for just $5 (daily at 2 p.m.). If you’d rather watch trainers do the feeding, every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 – 3:45 p.m., you can see just how much lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) eat as their caretakers lunge up to 800 pounds of raw meat their way in the Predator Feed.

Reptiles more your thing? The interactive snake show occurs daily at 2:15 p.m., where guests are able to touch, pet and hold the serpents as they wish. If you want to paint a big picture of the beauty of wildlife and each animals’ way of life, the best show to see is the Wonders of Wildlife, occurring Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 3 p.m. No matter what route you take, a day at the park is sure to be fun for the whole family, at any age.

The Arizona Safari park is open 7 days a week except Thanksgiving and Christmas day, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission closes at 4 p.m. Children 3 to 12 are $20, adults are $36. Seniors and veterans/active military get discounted. Annual membership is also available.

Photo: Southwest Desert Adventures

July Video Contest Winner: Southwest Desert Adventures

Round one is up! We’ve watched your videos and determined our lucky winner for the July portion of the video contest:

Southwest Desert Adventures, Jeep Tours


Read all about Southwest Desert Adventures:

Fun starts the minute folks jump into one of our authentic “fun jeeps” off-road vehicles for a genuine taste of the Old West. The day starts with a warm welcome from your cowboy guide and an introduction to the group. Your Jeep Desert Event will take place in any one of the many areas we have access to, where we’ll get you out there and experience the genuine Sonoran Desert. The equipment is configured for great views all around and safety in mind. Each guest will enjoy the panoramic views and the comical and unusual stories of the Old West. All guides are “certified fun” and can really make learning about Arizona and the desert a lot of fun. Each brings with them their particular unique brand of cowboy, and their colorful characters add to the fun and personalized atmosphere.

On all Jeep Desert Events, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Sonoran desert and get a first-hand look at this harsh, yet sensitive environment. Guides will talk about the plants and animals and how they have adapted to survive in the desert. Opportunities to see some wildlife is good — including coyotes, snakes, wild horses, hawks and more. With the outstanding surroundings, it’s always something new and interesting out in the desert, with lots of photo opportunities and a great way to spend some time in Arizona.

Our Jeep tours are conducted thoughout the Tonto National Forest and also on the Fort McDowell Yavapai Indian Reservation, the only Indian Reservation Jeep Tour in the Phoenix area. We conduct daily yellow jeep safaris departing at 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., as well as just before sunset. Tours last about two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half hours but can be tailored to suite your desires. We provide the ice water, and you’ll expect lots of wildlife; it’s a bird watcher’s paradise! A short stop with a guided nature walk is included. Pricing is $90.00 per person, and there are discounts for children and groups. We are also a veteran-owned business.

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