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Man Brings Social Media Business to Chandler

The front of his business card reads, “Poet, world traveler, human being.”

The smell of old books and antique belongings emanate throughout Patrick Smith’s apartment. A bottle of prohibition Whiskey sits on display next to an ancient looking hieroglyphic stone.

After many years of traveling internationally, Smith, a Chandler resident, has decided to bring his business, BiBoBu, to Arizona.

“There is something that spiritually connects me to the mountains in the desert,” Smith said. “This is where I want to live permanently.”

He relates his love of the desert to the same landscape of Israel, where he lived for seven years. For over a decade, Smith traveled to more than 15 countries including Greece, Egypt, Israel, Spain, Morocco, and France. For work, he owned and managed restaurants, nightclubs, and cafés in those countries.

While living in Israel, Smith experienced discrimination as an American in a foreign country where the population was primarily Jewish. Many landlords didn’t want to rent him a home or hire him because he wasn’t Jewish.

For a short period, he fell on hard times and was forced to live in a cave where he read books, wrote poetry, and studied the Hebrew language. Practically penniless, and living off the little money his father was sending, he could barely afford food. Smith eventually found a job at a café in Tel Aviv, and later managed restaurants and eventually owned a nightclub.

Now, Smith owns a marketing company and website, BiBoBu, which uses social media sites — such as Facebook and Twitter — for companies to help advertise their products. BiBoBu is a marketing tool that companies can use to tailor their advertising campaigns in order to fit their customer base. It groups all of the social media sites together in one place, making it easier for companies to utilize. College campuses such as Northern Illinois University use BiBoBu to recruit students, spread the word about alumni fundraisers, and engage students in campus events.

Smith’s people skills from working in the hospitality industry abroad and in the U.S. for so many years seem to be what sparked his interest in social media outlets and the business world. “Communication is key in working with people, and that’s what I’ve learned,” Smith said. “This is the generation of social media.”

Smith said he met many different people throughout his travels, and one day he wants to write a book.

Now settled in Arizona, Smith runs his business from a place he can finally call home.

Studio 5, Kelly Cappelli

Studio 5: Photography and Music Studio with Kelly Cappelli

A Crash Course on Studio 5

By Kristine Cannon

Kelly Cappelli of Studio 5 educates us about her photography and music production studio, located in an abandoned elementary school.

Cappelli discusses why it was chosen to locate the studio in an elementary school, and she also touches on her past and present projects as well as the success of Studio 5 thus far.

Video by Cory Bergquist

The Studio 5 Scoop: Studio5 Presents

By Kristine Cannon

Studio 5 recently began showcasing four bands, seven days a week, rotating nine shows at Center Stage Bar at Hyatt Gainey Resort in Scottsdale.

“This is a partnership between Studio 5 and the Hyatt for at least the next year,” Cappelli says.

Produced by Myles David Lancette of Studio5 Presents, the opening event featured Lea Cappelli, Myles David Lancette, Spain and The Waters. These four artists and musical groups performed for over 300 attendees at each show during its opening weekend at the Hyatt.

“It was extremely successful, and the community has already been buzzing about the shows,” Cappelli says, “There have been many people returning to see the full 90-minute shows all week long.”

Cappelli says Studio 5 is an incredible opportunity for the artists as well as an amazing partnership between the Hyatt and Studio 5.

“The Hyatt is a fantastic venue and a wonderful platform for each musician to shine and bring quality music to the Hyatt and our community and expand their fan base,” Cappelli says.

For more information about Studio5 Presents as well as dates for future shows with Lea Cappelli, Myles David Lancette, Spain and The Waters, visit studio5presents.com.

Spain performs The Civil Wars’ “Barton Hollow”:

Video by Cory Bergquist

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(480) 390-5791