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Experience AZ Digital Issue

Experience AZ: Spring-Summer 2013


Michael Gossie, Managing Editor
Ten years after moving to Arizona from upstate New York, people still ask me what I like the most about living in the Grand Canyon state. My answer is always the same:

“I haven’t had to shovel snow once since I moved here.”

But if I lived a couple hours north, the yearly snowfall would give my home turf in upstate New York a run for its money. That is what makes Arizona great: Where else can you get a sunburn in Scottsdale and ski in Flagstaff on the same day?

Arizona offers something for everyone, every day.

From hiking and biking to shopping and spas, Arizona provides the opportunity for experiences that create memories that last a lifetime.

That’s what Experience AZ is all about. We want to guide you the the greatest adventures and experiences to make your visit to Arizona one that you will never forget. Based on votes from our readers, we have listed the five best dining experiences, tours, attractions, and places to visit in a variety of categories.

Want to know my personal fab five Arizona adventures? Hiking to the waterfalls of Havasupai. Running the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. Relaxing at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. Going to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. And when friends visit, I always take them to Los Dos Molinos.

So get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. And use Experience AZ to guide you to a visit or vacation that will make you want to come back time after time to keep crossing the must-see hot spots off your Top 5 lists. And when you find a favorite, be sure to vote for it by visiting ExperienceAZonline.com so others can share in your amazing memories.

Michael Gossie, Editor in Chief

Michael Gossie, Editor in Chief


Experience AZ: Spring-Summer 2013:
Best of Arizona. Your Guide To The Top 5.

SL - Digital Magazine

Scottsdale Living Magazine – SPRING 2013

Spring 2013

Health & Beauty
Time for a tune-up

Growing up in upstate New York, I can still remember those early April track meets where I was forced to wait until the last minute in the freezing cold to strip off my warm-up suit just so I could have the tortuous pleasure of sprinting 400 meters in the snow and slush.That, my friends, is why I have called Arizona home for longer than I called upstate New York home.Spring is why we stay in Arizona. The weather is perfect. The orange blossoms are blooming. We can hike. We can bike. We can run. We can enjoy the patios at our favorite restaurants. And we can break out our swimsuits months earlier than they can almost anywhere else in the nation.Oh, that. Yes, it’s swimsuit season.

But don’t despair. This issue of Scottsdale Living has all the information you’ll need to buff up your beach body so you’ll sizzle in your swimsuit. From smoothing out your skin to boosting your bustline to creating the perfect smile to top off your look, this issue will help you look your best so you’ll have a spring in your step.

Embrace the season.

Gossie Signature

Michael Gossie,
Editor in Chief

Home & Garden
Creating a home retreat

Kimberly Gunning Kimberly Gunning

Kimberly Gunning,
Assistant Editor

Part of my childhood was spent in upstate New York where my mom, a terrific gardener and a designer at heart, took pride in caring for the most beautifully landscaped yard on the block. Many of the memories I have from the first seven years of my life are from scenes set in that yard – parties and family activities, gardening and playing on the greatest Dream Rainbow Swing Set I thought to exist. Our yard was a staple part of my childhood, and that of many of my neighbors’ childhoods.Our outdoor spaces are unique to who we are and offer limitless possibilities for customization. In this issue, top design trends and products for the outdoor living space are explored with the guidance of local professional designers. There’s no better time of year in Arizona to relax next to a fire pit, take a dip in the pool or entertain a group of friends around an outdoor bar. Enjoy desert living this spring in your beautifully designed outdoor living space.Design away!


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