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Stat Doctors Named eHealth Provider for Assurex Global

Scottsdale-based Stat Health Services, provider of leading telemedicine solution Stat Doctors™, signed on as the preferred eHealth partner for Assurex Global, a partnership of prominent independent agents and brokers worldwide.

Assurex Global now offers Stat Doctors through the Assurex Global Private Exchange, a private health care marketplace for businesses seeking employee benefits packages. The eHealth service provides on-demand treatment of minor illnesses and common medical conditions, online or over the phone, 24/7/365. It is also available as an additional benefit through traditional employer-provided medical insurance coverage and other group benefit plans.

“With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, more and more companies are looking for health benefits that are high-quality, yet affordable,” said Dr. Alan C. Roga, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., founder and CEO of Stat Doctors. “And, with a delivery model that’s cost-effective for businesses, convenient for employees, and unsurpassed in providing excellent care, Stat Doctors has emerged as an important and viable solution.”

With an average wait time of six minutes, patients use Stat Doctors for treatment of common medical issues such as respiratory infections, flu and strep throat at a fraction of the cost of urgent care or emergency room visits. Stat Doctors physicians evaluate symptoms, ePrescribe medications as needed, and conduct a follow-up call 72 hours later to ensure the patient’s recovery.

“An organization like Stat Doctors is a fantastic addition to our private exchange,” said John Clark, senior vice president, benefits practice leader for Assurex Global. “The solutions they provide bring great value to our partner firms and their clients.”

Stat Doctors has been shown to reduce health care expenses for mid- and large-sized companies by diverting urgent care and ER visits in addition to providing disease management and wellness support.

“Our partnership with an organization as exclusive and far-reaching as Assurex Global is a powerful testament to Stat Doctors’ quality as well as the escalating demand for our care model,” added Dr. Roga. “Working with Assurex Global’s elite group of agents and brokers, we have the opportunity to grow our business in markets across the nation, provide care the way people want it, and continue to transform the delivery of medical care in the 21st century.”

To learn more about Stat Doctors, visit www.statdoctors.com.


Stat Doctors Hires 3 Executives to Support Expansion

Stat Doctors™, a leading eHealth solution providing 24/7/365 access to affordable quality care, added three senior-level executives to its growing staff to keep pace with the demand for convenient, high-quality telemedicine.

· Dyan Bymark joins as vice president of marketing. She is responsible for planning and executing marketing plans to achieve growth targets. A veteran marketer with more than 20 years of experience in health care and professional services, Bymark has held management and leadership roles with high-profile companies including Thomson West, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Kronos Optimal Health Company, CIGNA Healthcare and ScriptSave.
· John Wilson joins as vice president of sales. He is responsible for recruiting, training and leading a national sales team as the company implements an aggressive growth plan. Wilson brings 25 years of business development and sales leadership experience from his roles at global organizations including KPMG, Marsh, Mercer and UnitedHealthcare where he recently served as vice president of key accounts Arizona, sales and account management.
· Pamela Gould joins as vice president of payor sales. She is responsible for cultivating business development opportunities with regional payors throughout the country. A Registered Nurse with an extensive clinical background, Gould brings more than 20 years of experience in business development and sales, most recently serving as vice president of sales for Integra.

“We made incredible strides in the eHealth industry in just a few years, emerging as a national leader. These new executives have the skills, experience and passion to help us grow even further and meet the demand for Stat Doctors around the country,” said Dr. Alan C. Roga, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., founder and CEO of Stat Doctors. “In addition to deep expertise in their disciplines, they each have the vision needed to support Stat Doctors’ growth while maintaining our quality and integrity.”

Stat Doctors is available as an additional health benefit through employer-provided health insurance coverage and group plans. With an average wait time of six minutes, patients can be treated for minor illnesses and common medical conditions online and over the phone, 24/7/365.

The American Telemedicine Association estimates more than 10 million Americans directly benefited from telemedicine over the past year, and this number is expected to more than double by 2016. Additionally, a survey from global analytics firm Towers Watson says 37 percent of midsize and large employers anticipate offering telemedicine services in 2015 as a low-cost alternative to face-to-face visits for nonemergency issues.

“More companies and insurance carriers are adopting eHealth solutions to not only save money, but provide patients with increased convenience and quality care,” Dr. Roga added. “At Stat Doctors, we strive to continue our efforts to pioneer the way virtual health care is delivered, offering high-quality eVisits that replicate the traditional patient-doctor relationship, yet at a much more affordable rate.”


Stat Doctors App Marks Next Generation in eHealth Delivery

Scottsdale-based Stat Doctors™, a leading eHealth solution providing 24/7/365 access to affordable quality care, developed a mobile app improving health care delivery through high-quality video eVisits. Available for iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones, Stat Doctors Mobile App provides all the features of the computer application and links members with board-certified ER physicians for on-demand treatment of minor illnesses and common medical conditions.

“Health care delivery is shifting rapidly toward an affordable, on-demand model, yet it’s imperative that convenience doesn’t compromise quality,” said Dr. Alan C. Roga, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., founder and CEO of Stat Health Services, the providers of Stat Doctors. “We created a mobile app that goes well beyond other eHealth services, providing a full patient care delivery model and truly exceptional patient experience.”

Utilizing proprietary technology, Stat Doctors Mobile App boasts a combination of industry-leading features.

• With an average wait time of six minutes, patients can use the app to seek treatment for minor illnesses such as respiratory infections, influenza, strep throat and other non-emergency conditions.
• Unlike competitor apps, the entire health care delivery model is available through the app, including high-quality video enabling patients and doctors to communicate as they would in person.
• Doctors can ePrescribe medications, instantly delivering them to the patient’s pharmacy of choice.
• Within 72 hours of every eVisit, a follow-up call is conducted to ensure the patient’s recovery.
• Stat Doctors is the only eHealth service in which patients are treated solely by an exclusive network of board-certified ER physicians.

The American Telemedicine Association estimates more than 10 million Americans directly benefited from telemedicine over the past year, and this number is expected to more than double by 2016. Moreover, according to a January report from comScore, mobile devices accounted for 55 percent of Internet usage in the United States, and apps made up 47 percent of total traffic.

Anticipating the growing demand for mobile health care services, Stat Doctors created a HIPAA-compliant app offering high-quality, secure and immediate care utilizing video.

“The Stat Doctors Mobile App demonstrates our commitment to advance the eHealth category. Not only has our data shown that more than 60 percent of our patients access the service through mobile devices, but the patient experience with video is superior,” said Dr. Roga.

Stat Doctors was founded in 2009 by a proprietary group of board-certified, practicing ER physicians. It’s available as an additional health benefit through employer-provided health insurance coverage and other group plans. Dr. Roga says the company has taken a patient-focused stance since day one.

“The quality of care is second to none. This app makes the service even more convenient for patients, enabling them to receive this high-quality care completely on the go,” he said.

The app is available by searching “Stat Doctors” in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

As a national eHealth leader, Stat Doctors will soon launch an app for its network of physicians to further improve the patient experience.

For more information, visit www.statdoctors.com and watch the Stat Doctors Mobile App video here.


Stat Doctors gets $3.5M investment

QuadMed, a nationally recognized provider of onsite, near site and shared site employer-sponsored health and wellness solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with Stat Health Services, provider of Scottsdale-based Stat Doctors™ eHealth solution, to provide 24/7 telemedicine access for patients with minor acute healthcare needs. Under the agreement, QuadMed purchased a minority ownership interest in the company.

QuadMed’s partnership with Stat Health Services, a pioneer in virtual house call services, provides employers with an additional healthcare solution proven to dramatically reduce the cost of claims and create positive health outcomes. Through Stat Doctors, minor acute care needs are handled online by on-call emergency medicine providers. Patients receive personal treatment from the convenience of their computer or mobile device without needing to travel to a hospital emergency room or an urgent care center, avoiding waiting times and substantial expenses.

“QuadMed continues to lead the evolution of healthcare at this transformative time in the healthcare industry,” said Joel Quadracci, Chairman, President & CEO of Quad/Graphics, QuadMed’s parent company. “Stat Doctors is an innovative approach to acute healthcare delivery that complements QuadMed’s continuum of healthcare solutions focused on improving the quality of patient care and outcomes while reducing overall costs. This investment expands healthcare management solutions for employers who, like us, want to keep employees and their dependents healthy and productive.”

The QuadMed/Stat Health Services partnership signifies a pivotal shift in healthcare delivery, according to Dr. Alan Roga, M.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stat Health Services. “Stat Doctors is helping QuadMed replicate the traditional doctor-patient experience anytime, anywhere,” he said. “We are very excited to collaborate with QuadMed, which shares our vision for improving access to quality care in a convenient and cost-effective manner.”

Stat Doctors offers patients a network of the nation’s top emergency medicine specialists through its partnership with Emergency Medicine Physicians (EMP), a network of highly qualified emergency medical providers dedicated to delivering exceptional care. “We are excited to partner with QuadMed through Stat Doctors in the transformation of healthcare by providing highest quality care in a convenient, low-cost alternative to the current options,” said Dominic Bagnoli, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of EMP.

“As a pioneer in the use of telemedicine through our Corporate Health Suites solution, we have discovered that it’s not just the technology that’s important, but also the physician network,” said Tim Dickman, President of QuadMed. “The doctor-patient relationship is key to providing effective care and positive outcomes. Stat Doctors facilitates this important relationship using state-of-the-art telemedicine.”

For more information about how QuadMed and Stat Doctors are innovating healthcare delivery, visit www.quadmedical.com and www.statdoctors.com.

AHCCCS Alternative - AZ Business Magazine July/August 2011

Stat Doctors Earns Innovation Award

Stat Doctors™, a leading eHealth service providing 24/7 access to affordable health care, recently received the Industry Innovator Award from The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHCC).

The IHCC, which honors individuals and organizations that create and provide innovative health and benefit management programs, recognized Stat Doctors’ convenient, cost-effective and high-quality health care model.

“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by the health care industry for a delivery system we so deeply believe in,” said Dr. Alan Roga, founder and CEO of Stat Health Services. “We are unrelenting in our commitment to provide the best possible care to our patients, and continually seek out new ways to improve our model and enhance the patient experience.”

Stat Doctors is the only eVisit provider with a proprietary network of board-certified, practicing emergency medicine physicians. With an average wait time of six minutes, patients can be treated for minor illnesses and common medical conditions online and over the phone, anytime of day. Physicians diagnose symptoms and recommend a treatment plan. When needed, Stat Doctors physicians can ePrescribe medications to be electronically delivered to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. A follow-up call is also conducted 72 hours after the initial eVisit.

Stat Doctors is available as a supplemental benefit through employer-provided health insurance coverage. The service provides significant cost savings, as the maximum out-of-pocket expense for a Stat Doctors visit is $50, compared with much higher costs for an urgent care or emergency room visit.

“In addition to cost savings, patients report that Stat Doctors’ convenience is hugely important,” added Roga. “They can be treated by a top emergency medicine physician in a matter of minutes from their home, their workplace, or even when they’re out of town. In today’s hectic world, the ease and accessibility of Stat Doctors is crucial.”

The IHCC recognized Stat Doctors in HealthCare Consumerism Superstars 2013, the eighth annual awards issue of the Institute’s magazine, HealthCare Consumerism Solutions.

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ASBA Helps Members Manage Healthcare Costs With Stat Doctors

The Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) announces its partnership with Stat Health Services Inc. to offer its members Stat Doctors, a service providing 24/7 access to board certified emergency physicians via Internet or phone. Stat Doctors offers an alternative to emergency room and urgent care visits, reducing the cost of care and providing care on-demand for the diagnosis and treatment of urgent yet common minor medical conditions.

“Stat Doctors is a unique solution for organizations to manage healthcare costs that are rising as much as 26 percent year-over-year, while reducing absenteeism and providing a benefit that employees love,” states Dr. Alan Roga, MD, founder and CEO of Stat Health Services. “We look forward to providing ASBA’s members a high quality, convenient and low cost alternative to traditional immediate medical care alternatives.”

Small businesses that are members of ASBA can now access Stat Doctors as a supplement to health insurance to minimize costs and add value to employees, or as an alternative to health insurance in the cases business owners cannot afford employer-sponsored healthcare. Likewise, employees that cannot afford healthcare insurance now have an affordable medical care option.

“ASBA represents over half a million lives (employees) in the State of Arizona,” says Rick Murray, CEO of ASBA. “The Stat Doctors program offers these individuals high quality medical access for minimal cost. This benefit gives small businesses, their employees and employees’ families some relief during a time when budgets are tight.”

Stat Health Services has a network of board certified emergency physicians conducting all of the online consultations. The service, accessible via telephone, personal computer or mobile devices, offers single sign-on, a virtual waiting room, e-visits, access to electronic medical records and e-prescribing services. Patients see a board certified emergency physician within 5-8 minutes on average. According to Dr. Roga, “You can see a doctor and be well on your way to getting better, in the time it would take you to drive to your nearest healthcare provider.”

As an included benefit of their ASBA membership, members and their employees have access to this benefit and pay only a small fee when they visit a Stat Doctors physician.

The service benefits employees suffering from sports injuries, arthritic pain, insect bites, urinary tract infections, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, allergies, colds and flu, pink eye, asthma, bronchitis and many other acute minor medical conditions.

ASBA members can receive more information on the program, registration and costs by visiting www.asba.com/statdoctors. For more information about Stat Health Services and its Stat Doctors program, visit www.statdoctors.com or call 888-990-STAT. For more information about ASBA and/or to join, visit www.asba.com or call 602-306-4000.