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Small Business Leadership Academy: Building High Performance Teams (Part I)

SBLA: Building High Performance Teams
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Last night, students in the Small Business Leadership Academy (SBLA) formed two teams and competed to see which could navigate a “minefield” best. The exercise was designed to help students experience the dynamics of high performance teams as they move through all the stages of group development. “Many of these owners are getting ready to… Read More →

Lesson Learned From Steve Jobs: People Before Products

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple
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People before product. This is an important lesson taught by Steve Jobs who passed away Wednesday, October 5. Steve Jobs created a culture of innovation. His attitude of putting the customer and people first, changed the way we communicate today not only on a personal level but also on a business level. The needs of… Read More →

The Impact of Apple Products

Apple Products, Impact on Education

The Impact of Apple Products On Wednesday, August 25, 2011, Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple. But this doesn’t mean Apple products haven’t had an impact on many of our lives, especially in the education realm. According to a infographic, submitted by amie: Apple is known for making waves in the technology industry… Read More →

Apple’s New iPad 2 ~ A Faster And Efficient Upgrade

iPad connection to computer
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The iPad 2 — It’s thinner; it’s lighter, and it’s faster. Apple’s new toy was released to the public in early March and with it came several much-anticipated features that makes its predecessor look like a relic. So what are some of the differences in Apple’s newest project?  Is the hype deserving of the product?… Read More →

Apple Now Worth Over $300 Billion

Apple Banner
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As of January 3, Apple’s market capitalization passed $300 billion, making them the second most valuable company in the world (just behind Exxon Mobil).  Since the bump that put them over the $300 billion mark, Apple’s value took a slight dip with the news that Steve Jobs, CEO and public face of the company, would… Read More →

Apple’s iPhone 4 Fumbles

Apple officially launched the iPhone 4 with its usual mastery
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What a crazy summer it’s been for Apple. On June 24, Apple officially launched the iPhone 4 with its usual mastery. In April, there had been the prototype that was “accidentally” left in a bar and ended up in the hands of Gizmodo’s editor, Jason Chen. The subsequent police raid on Chen’s home a few… Read More →

Steve Jobs Takes On The World … Again

Steve Jobs Takes On The World - AZ Business Magazine Jul/Aug 2010

Steve Jobs — the guy who famously flew a pirate flag over the building where the Macintosh was being invented, thus rescuing Apple from oblivion — is at it again. This time the fight is with Adobe, makers of the Flash platform that is currently the dominant software for playing interactive and video Web content.… Read More →