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Bathroom Remodeling 2013: Create A Retreat, Go Green, Add Tech

Jason Hydrotherapy Microsilk bathtub. Photo: Jason International

The Triple Threat: Remodeling your bathroom? Bathroom remodeling 2013 calls for creating a retreat, creating an eco-friendly bathroom and adding technology. Don’t ask what you can do to your bathroom. Ask, “What can it do for me?” Does it provide an escape from your day-to-day? How about the ability to turn on a shower head… Read More →

Scottsdale Living Magazine – WINTER 2013

SL - Digital Magazine

Winter 2013 Health & Beauty Meet the experts Flipping through this issue, you may notice one addition to the magazine: “This Issue’s Experts” on page 34. This isn’t just a one-time addition; you’ll see this in every issue from here on out. Why? Scottsdale Living wouldn’t be what it is — a reliable, trusted source… Read More →