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Eat Sushi Rolls, Lose The Stomach Rolls

The New You in 2012: Eating sushi will help you trim down and reach your weight goal

As every year comes and goes, New Year’s resolutions are put in to place. But do you keep them? Most don’t — be it lack of motivation, hectic lives that get in the way or whatever the case may be. For those who choose to eat healthier in 2012, however, it is not as hard as it may seem. Yes, those trips to the fast-food burger joints should come to a stop, but when eating in smaller portions, having more than the typical three meals a day and sticking to the right foods, losing those extra pounds becomes a breeze.

Sapporo Sushi RollsHow do you know if a food is right for you or not? Low in fat, high in proteins, vitamins, etc. are all good things to look for. But that doesn’t mean foods you’re eating now aren’t healthy for you. Take for example, sushi — low in saturated fat and high in protein.

While some things like eel and fusion style sushi (rolling maki with different types of rice and varying ingredients, such as basmati rice, salsa, lamb, capers, etc.) can be higher in fat, lower in protein or whatever the case may be per mixture of ingredients, sushi is actually a healthy food that can help you reach that 2012 weight goal.

Some sushi, and many of the other items on the Sapporo menu, that may tempt the taste buds, while also trimming the waistline include:

Sushi Rolls:

Veggie Roll Alaskan Roll Sapporo Roll
California Roll Tekka Maki Rainbow Roll
Spicy Salmon Spicy Yellowtail Tora Tora
Spicy Tuna Wawa Roll MT Roll
Scottsdale Roll Spider Roll Red Tiger Roll

New Lunch Items:

Noodle/Rice Bowls: Seared tuna, spicy grilled salmon and the Pad Thai options Nagiri and Sashimi (excluding eel) Signature Rolls: Sauté Roll, Blue Fin Special and Citrus Yellowtail
Crispy soft shell crab sandwich Salads: Wonton chicken, grilled teriyaki salmon and spinach gorgonzola Bento Boxes: an assortment of aforementioned items

These are merely an example of some low-cal dishes one may find not only at Sapporo, but in restaurants across the Valley. The key is knowing your ingredients, researching some of your favorite foods to know which may be healthier than the rest and even utilizing the plethora of smartphone apps that can do everything from telling you the contents of a dish you’re considering or helping you count calories as you go about your day (some highly-rated apps to try include Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, MyNetDiary Pro, Tap & Track Calorie Counter, etc.).

Cheers to a healthier new you in 2012 and enjoying some sushi along the way!

giesha a go go sushi

Geisha A Go Go Serves Up A Japanese View Of The West

When life-sized posters of iconic rock stars line the bar — in this case, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Sid Vicious — you know you’re in for a wild ride.

A colorful hallway filled with neon-lit, arcade-style games marks the entryway. The dark wood walls and stone-like floors, along with a large boulder directly in the middle of the floor, make up the eclectic mood of the place. It’s clear as soon as you walk in that Geisha A Go Go is not your typical Japanese restaurant. Instead, it is a Westernized twist on the Japanese lifestyle.

On the cozy, intimate patio space, we had a front row seat to the action on Old Town Scottsdale’s streets. But people-watching aside, we dove right into the menu to begin our evening. With two pages of appetizers it was difficult to choose, so we selected a variety of items including edamame, Japanese pork dumplings, and shrimp and vegetable tempura. Pretty soon we were on a roll — literally — sampling what Geisha A Go Go had to offer. We began with some traditional choices, and the California, yellowtail, rainbow, soft shell crab and tuna rolls disappeared quickly. After scanning the menu to decide which rolls to order next, I spied the Gaijin roll, described as “an Asian twist on the chimichanga” and I realized that we were in for a Japanese dining experience like no other.

Much like the whimsical décor of the restaurant itself, the sushi rolls were quite an adventure for the palate. And there’s more where the Gaijin roll came from; other unique rolls had names such as Red Samurai, Harajuku Lover and even the Pokemon topped with Fritos — yesFritos! At Geisha A Go Go, no flavor combination is off-limits and we plunged into these exotic concoctions. One of the favorites of the table was the Dragonball made with shrimp tempura, crab mix, salmon, avocado, spicy mayo and unagi sauce, topped with masaga and scallions. This bright orange delectable was a feast for the eyes and mouth.

The namesake roll of the restaurant was also a hit — a balance of both sweet and spicy flavors with lobster tempura, crab mix, avocado, and even cream cheese, all wrapped up with soy paper.

After what seemed like an endless array of rolls, sweet tempura ice cream, a cinnamon banana crisp and smoothsake rounded out our dizzying journey of flavors.

Geisha A Go Go is definitely not your average sushi restaurant nor is it trying to be. In addition to some of the most interesting sushi combinations you can think of, Geisha A Go Go offers private karaoke rooms available for rental. The restaurant is the perfect place to start your night off with some appetizers and drinks or for a casual lunch. Either way, the food, the atmosphere and the service form a winning combination.