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5 Tips To Get The Best Mortgage Rate

No. 1: Establish a baseline.
Call a lender and have your credit pulled. Do a full application and establish what you can and should be borrowing.

No. 2: Contact a mix of financial institutions and do it all on the same day.
Interest rates fluctuate constantly for a variety of reasons, including the occasional promotion of a particular loan product by a financial institution, but to really understand you must contact the lenders all on the same day for the same rates even within the same timeframe, because a bond rally could mean that mortgage rates have dropped dramatically from the morning to the afternoon. Diversify and try a mix of places, such as a direct lender, a regional bank, a credit union, a community bank and a national bank

No. 3: Decide when you want to close.
The length of your lock-in period will impact your mortgage rate, so discuss your target close date with each lender and ask about the charges for different loan-lock periods. Many lenders charge one-eighth percent more if you must lock-in the loan for 60 days. If you need a 90-day loan lock, your interest rate could be as much as one-third percent higher.

No. 4: Ask about fees.
The variation in fees associated with a loan are one reason why you shouldn’t comparison shop solely based on the best advertised interest rate. Sometimes a mortgage at a lower advertised rate can end up costing you more because of all the fees associated with it. Some lenders blend all their fees into a loan preparation fee, while others separate them out, so be sure to ask for the total amount it will cost to close the loan. Generally, a mortgage with higher fees should have a lower interest rate.

No. 5: Consider whether you should pay points.
One of the largest expenses can be the points attached to a particular loan. Each point is equal to one percent of your loan amount. In most cases buying down your rate is a wise choice! If you intend to stay in the home for the long term, such as 10 years or more, you may want to pay points to keep your interest rate as low as possible for the life of the loan. If you plan to sell in a few years, paying a lot of cash upfront to pay points may not be worth

And remember:

* How large is your down payment? Interest rates vary according to your loan-to-value ratio.

* Are you buying a single family home or a condominium? A borrower purchasing a condominium with a loan-to-value ratio above 75% will pay a one-quarter percentage point higher interest rate.

* Are you refinancing or purchasing? Interest rates may be higher on a refinance, especially if you are taking out cash, which could raise your rate by one-eighth of a percentage point.

* If you intend to waive escrow and pay your taxes and insurance yourself, your mortgage rate could be one-eighth of one percentage point higher because that’s considered a riskier loan

Tanya Marchiol is a real estate and investment expert. As founder and president of TEAM Investments, she has built an empire on coaching others how to make money and prosper. Today, Tanya runs one of the most successful real estate investment firms in Phoenix with presence in over 20 states. She is a regular in the media and has recently been on Fox Business Channel. CNN, CNBC, HGTV, Sirius Satellite Radio and more.


Real Estate Guru Tanya Marchiol Draws On Athletic Background

When athletes suffer catastrophic injuries, it’s usually a game changer. Real estate guru Tanya Marchiol — a collegiate volleyball star who played professionally in Italy — was no exception.

“I was working as a golf cart girl, trying to figure out what to do with my life,” Tanya Marchiol recalls. “One day, the cart flipped and crushed my ankle. I ended up in the hospital for six months, and doctors had to completely reconstruct my leg.”

To help her daughter pass the time and give her some direction while she was on bed rest, Marchiol’s mother gave her some real estate books to read, and a passion was born.
“I brought everything I learned playing volleyball — work ethic, teamwork, problem-solving skills — to real estate,” Marchiol says.

It paid off. After an agonizing six months of surgeries, Marchiol took her real estate exam and started buying and selling properties. Her neighbor at the time, Justin Lucas of the Arizona Cardinals, heard about what she was doing and asked for her help. That year, he bought 13 houses and Marchiol’s company — Phoenix-based TEAM Investments — was born. Marchiol developed a system for educating and empowering athletes — including quarterback Donovan McNabb, former ASU and Miami Heat star Eddie House, and baseball star Bengie Molina — to intelligently handle their financial and business matters.

“No one was really teaching athletes how to use real estate in their portfolios to create income,” Marchiol says. “Most athletes — particularly football players who have an average professional career of three years — will have to do something when they are done playing. I can help them invest in a way that they know they’re going to have an extra $10,000 a month coming in if they get hurt or their career comes to an end.”

Tanya Marchiol AZ Business May/June 2012

It’s not just athletes who have benefited from Marchiol’s advice and guidance. Marchiol teaches entrepreneurs, investors and individuals how to not only maintain their current financial status but also create generational wealth. Her expertise has led to appearances on the NFL Network, Fox News, CNN, FOX Business News, and most recently as a recurring personality on HGTV.

“As a woman who grew up in a family of powerful men, I know what it takes to walk into a room, command respect and get the deal done,” Marchiol says. “Women need to understand the power that they have. They need to believe in themselves and create an air of confidence. When they do that, being a woman becomes an asset in any industry you want to tackle.”

For more information on Tanya Marchiol and Team Investments, visit Team Investments’ website at teaminvestmentsinc.com.


Arizona Business Magazine March/April 2012

AREA Awards

AREA Awards 2012: Real Estate Company Of The Year, Small

The Arizona Real Estate Achievement (AREA) Awards — selected by a panel of industry experts — honor the state’s best and brightest real estate companies, real estate agents, real estate brokers, mortgage companies, bankers, home builders, individuals who give back to the community, and those in the real estate business whose careers have left an indelible mark on the community and on the industry.


Winner: TEAM Investments

AREA Awards: Tanya MarchiolAs founder and President of TEAM Investments, Tanya Marchiol has built an empire on coaching others how to make money and prosper. Marchiol teaches professional athletes, entrepreneurs, investors and individuals how to not only maintain their current financial status but also create generational wealth. Her business acumen, sharp strategies, personalized approach, and attention to detail have earned her a reputation for excellence. A sought after expert and motivational speaker, Marchiol’s repertoire includes experience as a host and special correspondent for Sirius Satellite Radio, NFL Networks, Fox News, CNN, FOX Business News, and most recently a recurring personality on HGTV.

Honorable Mention: Kirans & Associates

AREA Awards: Kiran VedantamKiran Vedantam, a first-generation immigrant from India, came to Arizona in 1988 to pursue his Master’s degree at ASU. After working for eight years as a software engineer at Intel, he followed his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He used his engineering background to develop a dynamic loan modification software that has the intelligence of a professional loan modifier. He started his own real estate company in 2010, and in 2011 — just his second year in business — he ranked No. 4 in Maricopa County for the most short sale closings.

Arizona Business Magazine May/June 2012