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Legislative Update: Tax reform tasks for the first 100 days and beyond

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by in AZRE Magazine

Everyone can agree that pro-growth tax reform would be welcomed in communities across our country; the last time the nation underwent a tax overhaul was 30 years ago and much has changed in the time since. The Trump Administration, together with Congress, has the opportunity to enact legislation that can transform communities for the better,… Read More →

Tax reform aims to help small businesses

During the State of the Union address, President Obama said that tax reform is a key issue for small businesses today. Specifically, the president stressed that many small businesses are overwhelmed with administrative tasks associated with tax filing and deserve the opportunity to focus on strategic areas of their business that could help them grow… Read More →

Grand Canyon-sized tax reform

Labor Unions, City of Phoenix

The recent Grand Canyon Institute report “The Effects of Tax Reductions In Arizona: Significantly Reduced Government Revenue and No Apparent Impact on Economic Growth,” dismisses the bipartisan efforts to improve Arizona’s tax competitiveness over the past two decades and defies common sense. Does anyone really believe that Arizona would be better off with significantly higher… Read More →