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Social Media Series: Employers Have To Be Diligent About Not Violating Employees’ Rights When It Comes To Social Media

Social Media rights

This article is part of an ongoing series about social media in the workplace. We’re interested in your feedback/questions, so please comment and the authors may address your issue in their next article. Tweet from Uncle Sam: Let your employees talk about their working conditions through social media — or else! Social media can get… Read More →

Social Media Series: Prohibiting Employees’ Use Of Social Media At Work

Banning Social Media
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This article is part of an on-going, social media series. Because the law still is evolving, many employers are fearful of disciplining and terminating their employees for conduct on social networking sites. While this apprehension is understandable, it need not paralyze employers from protecting their legitimate business interests with an appropriate social networking policy. Recently,… Read More →