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Holiday fitness tips from The Body Lab

With the holidays right around the corner that means food galore and often falling off track with health and fitness goals. Local trainers at The Body Lab have some simple tips how to keep you on track this holiday season. • Maintain a Modified Routine: The holiday season is a busy time with parties, shopping and… Read More →


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Springtime in the Valley of the Sun is ripe with opportunities to indulge in the fun of life. We feel the increased energy as people crowd the valley to partake in nonstop activities in near perfect weather. Many of us feel a revival of our active routines. Gym visits, fitness class attendance, outdoor excursions, and clean… Read More →

Exercise Addiction: Do You Know When To Stop?

Exercise Addiction: Do You Know When To Stop?
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“Thanks for a great class. I almost threw up! I going to do some cardio now.” Is that really necessary? The first half I take as a compliment — not because I pushed them to their limits, but because I encouraged them to explore their depths. For the latter, I’m discouraged. If I’m teaching people… Read More →

Pilates Isn't Just For Women: Breaking Gender-Specific Workouts

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There are no women’s and men’s workouts. There’s the body you want and the body you need. You want six-pack abs. You need a strong core. There are the exercises you like to do and the exercises you need to do. You like to do biceps curls. You need to do some squats. It’s easy… Read More →

Which Supplements Work For You?

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Sup·ple·ment: Something that completes or makes an addition. These are food products. These are not medical drugs; these are not designed to replace anything; and, these do not excuse your actions (or lack thereof). Few are truly natural and require some type of processing to produce a conveniently consumable form. Some lack long-term examination and… Read More →