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The Limited: Scandal Inspired Collection

Lights, Camera, Fashion!

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Strong, sexy, bold, smart and a killer wardrobe. That describes many leading female characters on television. Audiences of shows like “Scandal,” to “The Good Wife” and “House Of Cards,” are becoming obsessed with these female characters’ outfits. Not only do these ladies have a strong personality, but so do their clothes.

With the rising popularity of women taking over what was once only a “man’s job,” it’s a no-brainer that they need to dress the part, too. Hollywood took notice of this movement by giving viewers what they wanted: women who were not housewives and surely didn’t dress like them. “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, went from a White House communications director to having her own crisis management firm. “House of Cards’” Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, is a lobbyist, manages an environmental nonprofit organization and is a wife of one of the most powerful men on the Hill.

All these female characters have two things women want: authority and attention. These ladies are not doormats, but rather the embodiment of a business fashionista. You can’t have authority without looking the part. You’re also less likely to get anyone to notice you with just a plain outfit.

So the work outfit “do” of the week, straight from “Scandal,” is “be a gladiator in a suit!” The closest you can get to living the crazy, dramatic and fulfilling lives that these women show on TV is to copy what they wear and how they wear it. If you feel inspired at this point but soon come to realize that you have no idea how to dress like your favorite character, don’t worry.

Fashion retail stores like The Limited anticipated this. That’s why The Limited might have just struck gold with their collection inspired by “Scandal.” Many women can’t seem to get enough of Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope, so why not create a collection based on her signature style?

This collection and many similar ones are showing women that you don’t have to dress like a man to do man’s job. Neutral, rich colors, structured, sharp lines and a hint of skin exposure sum up the elements of Hollywood’s business fashionistas’ outfits.

If you pay close attention to these powerful ladies on your screen, you’ll notice that their dress or blazer doesn’t compromise who they are. The idea behind The Limited’s “Scandal” inspired collection according to Kerry Washington is for women to be both sexy and smart and not have to choose.

Why should you have to choose between being fashionable and being functional at the office? If there is anything that women have proved countless times throughout the generations, is that women can get the job done while maintaining their appearance.

So please….

  • DO trade your simple black blazer for this double breasted jacket
The Limited

The Limited

  • DO try this cape, and watch the reactions you get.
The Limited

The Limited

  • DO experiment with a different dress shape
The Limited

The Limited

  • DOwear your outfit with confidence
Vanessa Renee

Dress to Impress at Work: Style by Vanessa Renee

Unfortunately, most of us spend 40 plus hours a week in the office, and the way we dress makes a huge impression towards how people perceive us. If you want to get to the top, you better dress like you are already there.

These work outfits are colorful, unique, and professional. Most importantly, all of these outfits will definitely get you noticed at work! I want to show you some fierce ways for dressing to impress using something other then the typical, plain old black and gray attire. I hope these styles will inspire you to create some of your own work looks!

Outfit 1


I am in love with this outfit. It is extremely classy and stylish in my eyes. Ashley is wearing a tan Banana Republic skirt, paired with a Forever 21 striped button down blouse. Her necklace is a recent purchase from TJ Maxx, and I layered it with a Vanessa Renee side cross necklace from www.vanessareneestyle.com. She is carrying a Michael Kors work bag, and wearing nude pumps from Aldo. Nude pumps should be a staple in your wardrobe. If you don’t already own some, immediately go invest in a great pair! (right)

Outfit 2


This outfit is a little funky, but right on trend! Ashley is wearing a navy skirt from The Limited. Additionally, I dressed her in a plaid top from H&M, Tory Burch flats, a black Michael Kors watch, and chunky gold bracelet from TJ Maxx. The statement pearl necklace is from Stella Dot, and is the perfect touch of feminine that this outfit needs. We layered it with the Vanessa Renee side cross necklace from www.vanessareneestyle.com. The last pop that this outfit needed was the red messenger bag from Dillards. You can also carry a more neutral color with this if you tend to be a little more reserved. The best part about this outfit? You can throw on some navy or black skinny jeans and make it casual for after work fun! (left)

Outfit 3


White is a huge trend for spring right now, and these tailored slacks from The Limited are a good work staple to have. I paired these white pants with a classic light pink, striped Brooks Brothers button down for an ultra professional look. Always remember that vertical strips can be very flattering, especially when being paired with bold white pants. Also, I added a touch of chic pearls to complete this look. This look could be great for a work conference, seminar, or luncheon. You will definitely make a great impression! (right)

Outfit 4


 Feminine Leather

Leather has been a huge trend this year, and can be pulled off in a classy way when paired with the right pieces. I thought this Chiffon feminine pink top from Nordstrom Rack balanced the leather out perfectly. I used one of the statement necklaces from my www.vanessareneestyle.com website to tie the look together. (left)

Outfit 5



This look is a mix of the Spring nautical trend with a pop of color. This is a Nordstrom savvy skirt, and is paired with a striped navy collared shirt from Forever 21. A popular trend right now is buttoning blouses all the way to the top to look extra sleek. As you can see, stripes are really in this Spring and can create a ultimately flattering look. (right)

Vanessa Renee