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Gems To Impress: Jewelry Gift Guide

Tiffany Yellow Diamond Ring

“You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.” While Audrey Hepburn may be right, let’s not give men the wrong impression; we love necklaces and rings, too. And, gentlemen, we threw a few items in the mix for you as well. Jewelry… Read More →

Scottsdale Fashion Square: Not Your Typical Mall

Scottsdale Fashion Square
by in Play

The best of both worlds is the best way to describe my trip to Scottsdale Fashion Square. There is something for everyone, yet the experience is different from your typical mall. Scottsdale Fashion Square offers the ideal stores that you can’t access anywhere else. It was a treat to be able to explore Louis Vuitton,… Read More →