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3 Tax Tips for 2017

by in AZ Business Magazine

Dale A. Walters, a CPA who is one of the leaders at KeatsConnelly, offers these tax tips for 2017: 1. Be aware that a number of tax forms have new filing deadlines.  Key deadline changes under the new law, which took effect Jan. 1 are: Partnership (Form 1065): New deadline March 15 (a month earlier)… Read More →

10 tips to choosing a commercial property management company

Arizona Multihousing Association, Property Management Career Fair, Phoenix Convention Center
by in AZRE Magazine

The backbone of any commercial property is strong property management. What many owners don’t realize is that the right management company will, in many cases, save the property more money than the management fees being paid. Of course, there are key factors to look for while considering hiring a property management company. Many important factors… Read More →

Tips for homeowners to avoid scorpions and other pests

by in Home & Design

In the heat of the season, its scorpions that drive people to call companies like Blue Sky Pest Control. According to co-founder Nate Woolf, scorpions are among the most common pest complaints among homeowners this time of year. “We have one of the only poisonous varieties of scorpions in the area, the bark scorpion, “he… Read More →

How to prepare your A/C and home for summer

summer energy demand
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After nearly 40 years of serving Valley families, the techs at Donley Service Center have pretty much seen it all. They’ve provided relief during Phoenix’s all-time record high of 122 and warmed plenty of homes not used to below freezing temperatures. While July is usually our hottest month, now is the time to prepare your air conditioner and… Read More →

Tips to protecting yourself during Ebola crisis

As part of its series of advisories on how cleaning professionals can protect themselves from serious infection-especially now that Ebola has made it to the United States-Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch® and OmniFlex™ cleaning systems, suggests one way is to avoid handling dollar bills. “While this sounds a bit extreme, the truth is infections can… Read More →

How to Break Free from a Micromanager

Micromanagers are known for peering over employees’ shoulders, stifling their independence and meddling in the minutiae of their everyday work. And in a recent Accountemps survey, a majority of workers polled said they have firsthand experience with an overbearing boss. Fifty-nine percent of employees interviewed reported working for a micromanager at some point in their… Read More →

Survival Tips for Black Friday Shopping

winter wardrobe
by in Fashion | Lifestyle

It’s natural to want to get our holiday shopping done early. Black Friday, traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, begins America’s holiday season shopping frenzy. It is safe to say Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the years. That being said, Black Friday is also the craziest shopping day of the year.… Read More →

Experts Offer Water Saving Tips

Fresh Water is Becoming Scarcer with the Planet's Changing Climate
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Now that summer is in full swing many of you are experiencing sticker shock as you open those water bills. There are some ways to save some water and save some money without emptying your pool or turning your yard into a barren wasteland. City Property Management oversees nearly 300 homeowners associations in Arizona and… Read More →

10 Tips to Write a Social Media Policy in Business

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Most business owners are now aware that having a social media presence is important for the success of their businesses. While social media presents unthinkable growth opportunity, it also opens the company up to risk. Thus, it is critical for a business owner to create and implement a strong social media policy that gives the… Read More →

7 Tips for Choosing a Dental Plan for Small Businesses

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Graduating students and alumni rate dental coverage among the top five most important benefits — medical insurance, yearly salary increase, 401(k) retirement plan, dental insurance and life insurance. In an increasingly competitive environment, a strong benefits package can play a key role in attracting and retaining top talent. Dental coverage has an important position in… Read More →

Save money with smart open enrollment changes

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Employers will soon be offering workers their yearly opportunity to make changes to their health care benefits. All too often this open-enrollment period has required combing through pages and pages of confusing insurance terms, according to an Associated Press report. But this year workers will receive help translating that jargon thanks to a new requirement… Read More →