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The Buzz on AZNow.Biz – December 6, 2010

Arizona Business Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Janet Perez
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This week on AZNow.Biz, our personal finance columnist, Jacob Gold, has a warning about overspending during the holidays. You’ll also meet three successful Valley business women who are juggling demanding careers, family and philanthropic efforts. The Buzz on AZNow.Biz – December 6, 2010 was last modified: January 31st, 2016 by Janet Perez

Oil Spill, Google Wind Power & More

Google Buys Wind Power
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From global new to local business this week we’ve gathered stories about how hair can help the oil spill, what Belgium wants to do with the deceased, Google buying wind power and more. Plus, we’ve got an additional story on what one Valley business is doing to help the environment. Please feel free to send… Read More →