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Valley Partnership, AZRE May/June 2011

Valley Partnership: Carlyn Oberholtzer

As zoning lawyer with Rose Law Group, Carolyn Oberholtzer meets regularly with municipal employees and elected officials, as well as real estate developers, landowners and clients. As a member of Valley Partnership for the past seven years, she says she believes the organization has benefited her career through its positive connection to different real estate professionals.

“(Valley Partnership) is meaningful not just because of who you associate with, but how you associate with them,” Oberholtzer says. “It really brings the parties of the industry together, who are often working opposite one another, toward a common goal.

“Through those relationships, you are able to accomplish things that really benefit the industry at large from an advocacy standpoint.”

Valley Partnership Friday Morning Breakfast’s

One of Oberholtzer’s favorite aspects of Valley Partnership is its monthly Friday Morning Breakfasts. The breakfast speakers cover specific topics as they pertain to the commercial real estate industry.

A recent Friday Morning Breakfast dealing with economic development in Arizona was especially memorable for Oberholtzer.

“That was a great one because it really helped to frame the issues for what will make our state successful from an economic development perspective,” says Oberholtzer, who is a member of Valley Partnership’s City/County Committee, and the State Legislation and Federal Affairs Committee. Last year she was a member of the Events Committee.

“Our organization is made up of people who develop,” she says. “It’s critical that we know what the market will need so that our developer clients can provide for that demand.”

Despite the recent economic upheaval, Oberholtzer has stayed positive about the future of the real estate industry.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” she says, “and this industry has a lot of will.”