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Small Business Leadership Academy: Lauri Leadley

Lauri Leadley: Small Business Leadership Academy

Lauri Leadley discusses how her participation in the Small Business Leadership Academy has benefitted her business, Valley Sleep Center.

Small Business Leadership Academy Past Participant:

Lauri Leadley
Valley Oximetry, Inc dba Valley Sleep Center

Lauri Leadley, Valley Sleep Center, Small Business Leadership Academy

Tell us about your business: We diagnose and treat sleep disorders. We have five locations serving 6,000 patients a year, making us the leading independent sleep center in the Greater Phoenix area.

Year of participation in SBLA: 2008

What was the most important thing you learned from SBLA? To have frequent meaningful interaction with my employees.

How have you changed the way you do business based on what you learned during SBLA? A lot of ways; we expanded to three additional locations in 2010. I learned many things that impacted my business which launched us into the leading position in our industry.

How has the SBLA alumni community been helpful to you since you went through the program? Our particular group continues to meet quarterly and supports me personally and professionally. Recently one of my employees nominated me for the GPCC IMPACT Award and some of the SBLA Alumni were there to support me as I was awarded the 2011 IMPACT Business of the year honor.

What aspects of SBLA do you consider most valuable for other small business owners in Phoenix? The aspect of education was very valuable to me, and I believe there are many other businesses like mine where education is needed and would be highly valued. I use the SBLA lessons daily. I would love to go back or nominate a leader in my organization if possible.

Lauri is the owner of Valley Sleep Center, which currently has five locations around the Valley.


[stextbox id=”grey”]The next Small Business Leadership Academy program will begin Wednesday, August 31, 2011.

For more information about the program, including admission requirements, please visit SBLA’s website. [/stextbox]

Small Business Leadership Academy, ASU

Small Business Leadership Academy Five-Part Series

The W.P. Carey School of Business and the Salt River Project (SRP) have joined forces to provide an intensive executive program for small business leaders in Arizona — the Small Business Leadership Academy.

This program is designed to strengthen these leaders’ acuity and is now in its fourth year.

The Small Business Leadership Academy consists of mandatory orientation followed by 10 weeks of classes, taught by W.P. Carey faculty, who have the expertise to help participants “connect theory and research to practical business problems” in order to help strengthen and grow their businesses.

The participants of the program had a minimum business tenure of three years, had annual revenues between $1 million and $10 million, had fewer than 100 employees, and were able and willing to attend all scheduled classes and related activities.

Arizona Business Magazine is showcasing a series of past participants in the Small Business Leadership Academy in a five-part series, posted every Thursday.

Lauri Leadley, Small Business Leadership Academy Week One: Lauri Leadley, Valley Sleep Center
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Week Two:

Donna Stewart, Stewart Electric & Communications

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Week Three:

David Scott, Dave Scott & Associates

Small Business Leadership Academy Past Participants, ASU

Week Four:

Virginia Zuber, Diamond Underground Construction Corp.

Small Business Leadership Academy, Steve Lanini

Week Five:

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