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The Venue Scottsdale begins huge expansion

The Venue ScottsdaleThe Venue Scottsdale, a premier special event facility in Scottsdale, is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar expansion that will add nearly 6,800 square feet to the existing 29,000-square-foot space, and bring more hospitality jobs to Scottsdale.
“This is the largest investment we have made to the property in the past decade,” says Victor Perillo, Founder and CEO of The Venue Group. “As a company we are at an exciting milestone, expanding our offerings and locations, breaking ground earlier this year on The Venue Las Vegas in the heart of the world-famous Fremont East Entertainment District.”
The Venue Scottsdale is a beautiful backdrop for any setting and the renovated space will be casual yet hip and evoke an old world feel. With urban chic décor and modernistic twists on rustic charm, The Venue Scottsdale will be an eclectic space between industrial and retro-modern style influences.
The expansion of The Venue Scottsdale marks a new era,” says Nick Larez, Vice President and General Manager of The Venue Group. “For the first time in The Venue Scottsdale’s long history, we will be further enhancing the full- service capabilities of our lavish private events, giving brides, event planners and destination management companies even more to consider.”
To properly reflect The Venue Scottsdale’s physical changes and the broadening of The Venue Group’s portfolio of services, the brand is pleased to reveal a new corporate identity, logo and website. This rebranding reveals a new style that is dynamic and sophisticated and represents an array of products and services.
The Venue Scottsdale opened in 2006, after ten years of success operating as the Cajun House. Noticing an untapped opportunity in the Scottsdale area, Perrillo renovated the property into a premier location for special events, meetings, weddings, conferences and live entertainment. Once again, Perrillo’s vision is the driving force behind the current renovation and the expansion into Las Vegas.
The Venue Scottsdale

The Venue Scottsdale Undergoes $1 Million Upgrade

Beginning as a nightclub, The Venue Scottsdale transformed into a concert hall, then expanded into a special events site — and it only continues to grow. In response to the vision of ownership and to appeal to a wider range of clientele, the venue has undergone a $1 million design upgrade, and additions have been made to the property as well.

“We wanted to have a wider reach to our clients,” says David Twigger, director of sales and marketing for The Venue Scottsdale.

The 29,000-square-foot building did away with the New Orleans style décor, for which it was known, and upgraded to a classy, modern look.

“Our vision was to bring the outdoors indoors,” Twigger says. “With the retractable roof and stonework contrasted by soft fabrics, it gives you an outdoor feel.”

According to Twigger, the New Orleans style décor was outdated and too dressed up.

“If you have a signature theme, you can only cater to certain clients,” Twigger adds. “The new design is a clean palette and can be used for a variety of themes and decorated to match your vision.”

After 17 years of owning the property, Victor Perillo decided to reinvest in the building due to his attachment to Old Town Scottsdale. Perillo’s ultimate goal is to expand into other cities, and Twigger believes remodeling the venue is a step in the right direction.

The Venue Scottsdale“This sets us up for more clientele and is a stepping stone for expansion,” Twigger says.

The design was decided upon based on both ownership request and a designer in southern California who deemed it appropriate.

“The Israeli limestone and earthy tones are going to keep us attractive to our higher-end clientele,” Twigger says.

Not only did The Venue Scottsdale undergo remodeling, an eatery was also formed as an extension of the venue.

The Chicago-style restaurant, Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.) will also be in tune with the modern look of the venue. Designs include sharp lines, large windows and menus featured on television screens.

“It is definitely high energy,” Twigger says. “After K.I.S.S., we will focus on another extension ― V&V, a lounge (not a nightclub), which will be open to the public..

“We will offer small plates with bites to eat, and there will be a martini bar and mixology,” Twigger says.

For more information about The Venue Scottsdale, visit thevenuescottsdale.com.

The Venue Scottsdale
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