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Jump Rope, SL ONLINE

Workout Wednesday: Jump Rope Your Way to a VS Angel's Bod

It’s that time of year, and, no, I’m not talking about the holiday season. I’m talking about the one night when millions of women endure moments of self-loathing as Victoria’s Secret models strut down the runway.

What if I told you, the secret ingredient to having an angel’s body is a jump rope? Yes, a jump rope!

You may not have picked one up since grade school, but jump rope is one of the best methods of cardio. Jumping rope burns more than 10 calories a minute while toning your legs, arms and rear-end. Not only is it a quick way to burn calories, but it’s also a great way to squeeze a cardio session into your day.

With some serious dedication, this 25-minute workout will have you looking like an angel. Just throw the rope in your bag and hop to it!

  • 5 minutes: double-leg jumps
  • Jump continuously at a steady pace, tucking your legs close to your chest. Keep your chest lifted and swing the rope with your wrists.
  • 45 seconds: plank
  • Bring elbows under shoulders and place your feet shoulder width apart. Draw your belly button up and in.
  • 2 minutes: single-leg jumps
  • Jump continuously on one leg for 30 seconds, then switch legs. Do this twice on each leg for 30 seconds without stopping in between.
  • 2 minutes: double-leg jumps
  • Jump as fast as you can while keeping your chest lifted.
  • 45 seconds: opposite arm and leg extensions

On your hands and knees extend left leg up to the hip while extending the right arm up next to your ear, then extend your right leg as you raise your left arm to your ear.

Repeat the entire circuit two times through.

back to school

Send Your Kids Back To School With These Fabulous Items

School may be a place for learning, but it is also a place to express oneself in trendy, new gear. Check out these back to school must-haves that will have friends “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” this fall.


back to school itemsback to school itemsPenguin Backpack by Skip Hop

Your child will love going to school with an animal backpack. The smiling bag is bound to brighten your child’s day and make school that much more comfortable.

back to school itemsSketchers USA Pillar

It’s about time for P.E. classes to begin. Keep his feet protected in comfortable, but cute, Sketchers.


With its well-made, fashionable clothes and accessories, Boden has become the go-to destination for back to school style. Aren’t these two outfits adorable?

back to school items back to school items
Fun Cardigan: $54
Printed Skirt: $34
Short Suede Boots: $70
Bobbie Hat & Scarf Set: $36
Everyday Blazer: $52
Twill Shirt: $34


Kipling Aleron Backpack

Carry your books with class in an Aleron backpack. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also durable, lightweight and bound to give you that extra boost of confidence you need while gracing your school’s halls.

back to school itemsSeltzer Peacock Pen

Accessorize your Aleron with Peacock pens. The eco-friendly pens last for seven years and are cute enough to make you love taking notes.

Victoria’s Secret Bling Crop Yoga Pants

We know P.E. class can be a drag, but with Bling Crop yoga pants, at least you’ll look cute for the workout. The pants are available in a variety of colors that are bound to turn heads, in a good way.

Charming CHARLIE Double Stripe Sheer Flower Headband

Don’t forget the hair! Shop by color at Charming CHARLIE for accessories that will add the finishing touches to your hair. The Double Stripe Sheer Flower Headband is the perfect mix of girly and fun.

Magnet Board from the Macbeth Collection

Stay organized with a magnet board. You will never forget when your tests are — or your daily chores — again. The board’s popping colors, along with what you post on them, simply cannot be overlooked.

College Students:

back to school itemsReversible Twin XL Duvet Set, Oval Morrocan

Get Dormified! Style your dorm room or apartment with a reversible twin duvet set. Get tired of the same look easily? The reversible style allows you to have the best of both worlds.

back to school itemsKipling Jinan Backpack

Stay cool on your campus with a Jinan backpack. It’s perfect for laptop protection, back comfort and, of course, STYLE!

Kipling Duo Box

Sick of losing all your writing utensils? Match your Jinan with a carrying case for your pens and pencils to help you hold it together.

The Green Garmento
back to school itemsthegreengarmento.com

Dorm rooms aren’t as big as we’d like them to be, so why not save space? The eco-friendly Green Garmento pairs two, 4-in-1, reusable laundry bags with a space-saving, over-the-door hook perfect for keeping your closet clean and your dorm room green.

Exclusive Pink Collegiate Collection (yoga pants)
$ 36.50

Represent your school. Display your school’s logo on a pair of Victoria’s Secret Pink collection yoga pants. They are perfect for exercising to beat the freshman 15 or for just a weekend relaxing. (Note: You can only find Arizona State University and University of Arizona clothing in stores — not online.)