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Hub Clothing

HUB Clothing Owner Travels To Set Trends

With a passion for fashion and a mission to stay stylish, HUB Clothing finds inspiration for the latest trends by traveling the world. Visiting fashion capitals, such as Paris and London, owner Jennifer Mumford chooses the best-of-the-best collections to share with the Valley of the Sun, especially the Scottsdale area.

HUB Clothing“It’s important to see what other cities are doing in regards to fashion,” Mumford says. “I make sure to go to trade shows in different cities, such as L.A and San Francisco, as well as the showrooms of different vendors.”

Whether it’s within the country or abroad, Mumford believes there is something to be learned.

Since 1992 when it opened in Scottsdale, HUB has brought men’s and women’s collections, including Nudie, G-Star and Diesel, to the area. The store is renowned for being the first to have specific items in stock.

“We were the first to get TOMS shoes, and now they are everywhere,” Mumford says. HUB Clothing“That was really exciting.” TOMS is just one example of how travel has given HUB inspiration and impacted the business.

Sometimes inspiration is found when it’s not sought after. Mumford says she gets ideas from going on vacation or reading magazines such as Vogue and GQ.

“It’s important to be really open to all different forms of media to see what’s going on in the fashion world,” Mumford says.HUB Clothing

Although HUB gains influence from all over the world, the top priority is the happiness of customers here in the Valley, Mumford says. And HUB stays true to its vision: buying for customers. Mumford says she relies on her instincts when making a purchase.

“You have to remember who your client is,” Mumford adds. “If you buy clothes just for the trend, it could be hit or miss.”

It’s this individualized customer service and loyalty to its customers that Mumford says sets HUB apart from other clothing stores like it. Employees understand that a customer is more than a sale; in fact, they are known on a first-name basis, and employees strive to make each person who walks in the store feel welcome and special, she adds.

“I hire people who have a passion for the fashion industry, and they are trained to know all about our products and how they fit,” Mumford says. “You walk in, and we can fit you into the perfect pair of jeans.”

According to Mumford, this unique experience intertwined with trendy inspiration gained by travel makes HUB the place it is.

“I travel to go and look at what’s going to translate best for my clientele,” Mumford says. “Traveling is a necessity.”

For more information about HUB Clothing, visit hubclothing.com.

Hub Clothing
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Pastel Fashion

The Power Of Pastel Shades

Like Easter eggs, fresh flowers and seasonal allergies, pastel shades are synonymous with springtime. Hues such as light yellow, icy blue, blush pink, light lavender and mint green are key players in this season’s trend-setting color palette.Power of Pastel

Such shades normally reserved for the nursery lit up the spring runways and are now changing the faces of storefront displays across the valley. Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang have transformed these child-like shades into a wearable and desirable springtime staple.

When revitalizing our closets with these playful colors that scream springtime, its best to avoid the head-to-toe monochromatic look pulled from the runway, as these sorbet shades tend to add unwanted bulk. Although the one-shade look may work for seven-foot models, pastels tend to squash any petite frames.

To avoid this, break up your look with either different shades of pastel or pair with solids, such as a black sweater, white blouse or a nude pump. Another great way to stay on trend without adding bulk is to invest in tailored pieces with clean lines.Power of Pastel

Capable of being a work-appropriate trend, avoid resembling a gelato shop by pairing a crisp black or white piece to help balance the outfit. A well-fitted pastel blazer, blouse or pencil skirt are both stylish and a sophisticated alternative to these playful shades.

Outside of the work area, pastel-dyed denim has been a huge standout for this trend. Without overindulging in looks from the ’80s, pair your sorbet pants with a white tee and black flats.

With the rising temps, enjoy these light and airy shades with loose-flowing dresses and skirts. For a little something extra, pair your look with this season’s hot patterns, such as polka dots, floral or the revitalization of stripes.

Perhaps a daunting trend to get acquainted with, it’s still easy to stay fashionable with the help of pastel accessories. Embrace these light hues in purses, jewelry and even nail polish. Most importantly, have fun with this not-at-all-serious color palette; we’ll leave that up to the dark crimsons, blacks and purples looming over our fall wardrobes.

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