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Arizona’s voter registration base down since June

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Arizona’s voter registration numbers are down heading into the state’s primary election next week. The Secretary of State’s Office announced Monday that the state has slightly more than 3.1 million registered voters. That’s a decrease of more than 45,000 from the last report in June. Nearly all of the electorate is divided roughly into thirds,… Read More →

Arizona Voter Registration Numbers Increase

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Secretary of State Ken Bennett has announced that Arizona’s number of registered voters has risen to 3,151,615.  An increase of 17,381 since the last report in February. Of the state’s 3.1 million voters, 1,134,094 are Republicans, 952,907 are Democrats and 1,037,007 have either registered with independent parties or not designated a party preference. Libertarians make up a little less than one percent… Read More →