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Dr. Christopher Salvino, West Valley Hospital’s Trauma Medical Director, (far right) watches during one of the mock drills leading up to the opening of West Valley Hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Center that opened on July 21. Photo by Abrazo Health.

New Level 1 Trauma Center opens in West Valley

Abrazo Health, the second largest health care delivery system in Arizona, announced that West Valley Hospital has earned a state designation as a Level 1 Trauma Center, which is the highest status attainable. As a result, the Level 1 Trauma Center at West Valley Hospital is officially open to the public.

The Level 1 Trauma Center at West Valley hospital offers 24-hour emergency care and advanced treatment options for a variety of traumatic injuries. Located in Goodyear, it is the first Level 1 Trauma Center in the West Valley and will serve Arizona communities up to the California state line. The trauma center expects to serve approximately 1,200 patients annually.

The state designation comes after extensive preparation, including a $26 million expansion project that added two trauma operating suites, two trauma resuscitation bays and 32 new private patient rooms. In addition to experienced trauma staff and board-certified physicians, there are more than 50 surgical specialists added to the staff practicing in areas including orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, facial surgery, hand surgery, cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmology, and general surgery.

“West Valley Hospital is the first Level 1 Trauma Center in Arizona and possibly the first in the United States to implement intense training drills as part of its preparation,” said Dr. Christopher Salvino, West Valley Hospital’s Trauma Medical Director, who spearheaded the mock drills.

Prior to opening, more than 70 mock drills were executed 24 hours a day for 17 continuous days to ensure a streamlined approach to trauma care by all hospital employees and several EMS providers. The drills included high-pressure situations such as car accidents, serious falls, gunshot victims and stabbing victims, Salvino added.

West Valley Hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Center is positioned to improve overall outcomes for critically-injured patients and their families.

“Our multidisciplinary trauma team is trained to provide around-the-clock expert medical care to these patients in complex emergency situations,” Salvino added.

The successes of the trauma drills will anchor West Valley Hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Center for a successful future, said Stan Holm, West Valley Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer.

“The synergies seen by our highly talented team members coming together was very rewarding to observe. Mock patients were moved from trauma bays to imaging to operating suites to intensive care to a post-surgical unit and other areas as the scenarios dictated. All of our team has done an outstanding job preparing us for this pinnacle moment in the history of West Valley Hospital,’’ he added.

“Launching such an endeavor required great planning, passions and persistence. Being the West Valley’s first Level 1 Trauma Center is a rewarding opportunity for all of us as we now have the privilege to care for the seriously injured in all of the western region of Arizona,’’ Holm said.


Abrazo hospital 1st to get da Vinci Xi surgical system

Da-Vinci-Xi armsAbrazo Health’s West Valley Hospital in Goodyear is the first in Arizona to receive the robotic-assisted da Vinci Xi Surgical System, which offers patients less invasive options and faster recovery from a variety of surgeries.

The new technology, approved by the FDA on April 1, provides advanced robotic technology including high-definition, 3-D visualization. It also allows for enhanced dexterity and greater precision and control for the surgeon.

Being the first to purchase this technology in Arizona solidifies West Valley Hospital’s commitment to the healthcare of residents of the West Valley, said Dr. Pankaj Jain, an urologist affiliated with West Valley Hospital.

”West Valley Hospital continues to advance the level of medical care in the region by purchasing some of the latest in robotics technology,’’ Jain said. “With this technology, my colleagues and I will be able to do even more types of complex surgeries with smaller and fewer incisions.”

Dr. Miles Howard, an OB-GYN affiliated with West Valley Hospital, agrees.

“West Valley Hospital’s newest addition, the da Vinci Xi Robot, will put West Valley Hospital on the cutting edge for all surgical procedures. This will be a significant advancement in patient care for the West Valley.’’

The da Vinci Surgical System provides surgeons with an alternative to both traditional open surgery and conventional laparoscopy, putting a surgeon’s hands at the controls of an advanced robotic platform, said Stan Holm, chief executive officer for West Valley Hospital.

“The use of robotic-assisted surgeries continues to grow at a rapid pace, and West Valley Hospital is at the forefront of that growth,” Holm said. “We are pleased to offer the da Vinci Xi Surgical System as part of our continued efforts to offer significant surgical advancements to our patients.”

Surgeons with privileges at West Valley Hospital can perform many different types of robotically assisted procedures including prostatectomy, kidney and bladder surgery and gynecological procedures such as removal of ovarian tumors and other cancers and pelvic prolapse surgery, Holm said.

Tiffiny Strever

Abrazo announces new trauma program manager

Abrazo Health, the second largest health care delivery system in Arizona, has announced the appointment of Tiffiny Strever as Trauma Program Manager for West Valley Hospital.

As Trauma Program Manager, Strever will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a quality, cost-effective system of care for trauma patients and their families. She will manage trauma performance improvement processes, community outreach programs and provide leadership to the trauma care program.

Strever is an accomplished healthcare leader with 25 years of nursing experience in emergency and critical care. Concurrently with her duties at West Valley Hospital, she will continue to serve as Lieutenant Colonel in the Arizona Air National Guard, where she oversees sustainment training for its medics. Strever is a published author with writings in the Journal of Emergency Nursing and has also authored chapters in the Emergency Nurses Pediatric Course 4th Ed. and Trauma Nursing Core Course 7th Ed. She is an active member of the Emergency Nurses Association, having served at the local, state and national levels in various capacities.

Strever holds a certification in emergency nursing and will be inducted as a Fellow into the Academy of Emergency Nursing in the fall of 2014. She earned her BSN in 2004 from Graceland University and her ASN in 1985 from North Iowa Area Community College.


Abrazo Health Announces New Trauma Medical Director

Abrazo Health, the second largest health care delivery system in Arizona, has announced Dr. Christopher Salvino as West Valley Hospital’s new Trauma Medical Director. Dr. Salvino is an accomplished trauma surgeon with experience in leading American College of Surgeons (ACS)-verified trauma centers.

As Trauma Medical Director (TMD), Dr. Salvino will be responsible for the development of the trauma program at West Valley Hospital. Specifically, he will develop a trauma service inclusive of a specialist on-call panel, treatment protocols, and oversee the hospital’s peer review and performance improvement process.  Additionally, he will provide leadership in the development of the regional Trauma System by continuing to serve on national, regional and local committees.

“I am thrilled to be part of the Abrazo team in developing a modern, high-quality and professional Trauma service at West Valley Hospital.” said Dr. Salvino, “The opportunity to help develop the only high-acuity trauma program in western region of Metro-Phoenix to the California border and to help integrate the other Abrazo hospitals into our system’s approach to trauma is exciting. West Valley Hospital’s world-class Trauma program will be able to care for the most critically injured trauma patients and I predict we will be very proud of our outcomes as the program launches.”

Dr. Salvino currently serves as the Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine in Tucson. He is also a board member of the Arizona Trauma and Acute Care Consortium (AzTRACC). He is a member of the State Trauma Advisory Board (STAB) serving as co-chair for the workgroup charged with revising the State Trauma Plan. Additionally, Dr. Salvino developed the first formal training course for trauma laparoscopy in the United States as a surgical resident.

Banner Estrella Tower

Banner Estrella Breaks Ground On $151M Patient Tower

Banner Estrella Medical Center, recently recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the Valley’s top 10 hospitals, kicked off construction of a $151M patient tower.

Construction of the tower provides an economic injection to the West Valley, creating more than 200 jobs while expanding its emergency room, neonatal intensive care unit and operating rooms.

Last year, the hospital cared for nearly 100,000 patients in its emergency room alone. Additionally, the project is expected to generate hundreds of construction-related jobs during the three-year building timeline.

The new 175-bed patient tower is the second on the Banner Estrella campus and completion is expected in July 2015. McCarthy Building Companies is the general contractor and SmithGroupJJR is the architect.

The groundbreaking  included remarks from Kathy Bollinger, president of Banner Health’s Arizona West Region, Deb Krmpotic and CEO of Banner Estrella.

Located on the SEC of the Loop 101 Freeway and Thomas Rd., Banner Estrella Medical Center is a 214-bed full-service hospital offering general surgery, orthopedics, women and infants services, a full cardiac program with open-heart surgery, emergency services, and medical imaging services.

Banner Estrella is part of Banner Health, the leading provider of health care services in the Valley with 11 hospitals. In 2012, Banner Estrella Medical Center was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a top 10 hospital in Arizona and high performing in Diabetes & Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Nephrology, Orthopedics, Pulmonology and Urology Services.

healthcare leadership awards - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011

HCLA 2011- Hospital Executive

Honoree: David Veillette, President and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

David Veillette - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011David Veillette, president and CEO of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, is a leader and innovator in medical technology — and his accomplishments are evident across the country.

In 2002, he built the first all-digital heart hospital in the nation at Indiana Heart Hospital. Then, in 2008, Veillette established the first all-digital cancer hospital in the nation, Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The digital aspect of the hospital allows for improved efficiencies. It provides access to real-time patient data, improves communication across departments, creates development of treatment plans more quickly, reduces medication errors and cuts the turnaround time for lab results.

Living by the motto, “It’s only and always about the patient,” Veillette prefers to roam the halls of his hospital instead of sitting behind a desk. This way he can meet with hospital visitors and assess the experiences of his facility firsthand. Veillette also has an emotional investment in his patients, often holding a patient’s hand as he or she receives chemotherapy or drinking a cup of joe with a family member as they anxiously wait for their loved one to complete surgery.

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Finalist: Jo Adkins, CEO, West Valley Hospital

Jo Adkins - AZ Business Magazine Mar/Apr 2011Overseeing a staff of nearly 600, Jo Adkins serves as CEO of West Valley Hospital in Goodyear. She has an ingrained commitment to excellence that allows her to transform mediocre hospitals into extraordinary facilities.

West Valley Hospital is an affiliate of Abrazo Health Care. Since Adkins’ arrival in 2008, the hospital is now a certified cardiac arrest center, a designated chest pain center, and a stroke center of excellence. Identified for its newfound commitment to excellence, West Valley Hospital also was recognized for Patient Safety and Pulmonary Care by HealthGrades. These changes are not a coincidence, but a product of Adkins’ determination, leadership and unwavering vision.

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Finalist: Ruth W. Brinkley, RN, MSN, FACHE, President and CEO, Carondelet Health Network

Ruth Brinkley President and CEO of Carondelet Health NetworkThroughout her 30-year career in the health care industry, Ruth W. Brinkley has used her insight, wisdom, creativity and leadership to positively impact the organizations for which she works. She has anticipated and met the rapidly changing needs of the health care industry.

Brinkley joined Carondelet Health Network (CHN) in Tucson as president and CEO in 2008. She has developed four Centers of Excellence and led the investment in and development of Carondelet Neurological Institute.

She has also strengthened the financial performance of CHN from a $14 million operating loss to a projected $10 million profit in her first 18 months.

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