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Natural Stone Countertops: A Cost-effective Way To Update The Look Of Your Kitchen

Perla Modena

The natural stone age: Natural stone countertops are a cost-effective way to update the look of your kitchen. Want to transform your kitchen for your family and friends to enjoy while simultaneously increasing the value of your home? Think twice about gutting it floor to ceiling; install a natural stone countertop instead. Go with granite… Read More →

Do You Have Irregular Hormone Levels?

irregular hormone levels

Another medical diagnosis for similar symptoms to thyroid disease is hormone deficiency. Dr. Angela DeRosa, internal medicine doctor for DeRosa Medical in Scottsdale, says as women age, they become more at risk for irregular hormone levels; this includes both estrogen and testosterone. She adds that hormone deficiencies begin earlier than many women think, with the… Read More →

CoolSculpting: A Non-Surgical Option To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat


The ease of freeze: CoolSculpting is a non-surgical option to transform your body and get rid of stubborn fat. If you are having a difficult time losing those love handles, don’t sweat it. Chill out. “CoolSculpting is as a revolutionary new technology based on decades old knowledge that uses cold temperatures to ‘freeze’ fat cells,”… Read More →

Injectables Can Fill Out Wrinkles, Scars And Sculpt Your Face To Perfection


Give it a shot: Injectables can fill out wrinkles and scars and sculpt your face to perfection, experts say. Do you want your face to be a masterpiece? “What paints and clay are to an artist, ‘injectables’ are to a cosmetic dermatologist,” says Dr. Susan Van Dyke of Van Dyke Laser & Skin in Scottsdale.… Read More →

How To Avoid The Pain, Consequences Of High Heels

high heels

Heal Your High-Heeled Troubles: Want to stop the pain, but can’t stop wearing your stilettos? Doctors offer advice on how to avoid the pain and consequences of high heels. High-heeled shoes make your legs look better, but is this worth the pain? Some of the conditions that can be related to heel use are ankle… Read More →

Kitchen Trend For 2013: Untraditional Cabinetry, Wood

Photo: Poggenpohl

Wild, wild wood: Cleaner, streamlined kitchens call for modern, untraditional cabinetry. When times get tough, spice up your kitchen. And over the past two years, both Steve Johnson, owner of Atelier Inc. in Scottsdale, and Allan Rosenthal, owner of Linear Fine Woodworking in Phoenix, have seen homeowners do just that — breathing life into their… Read More →

Are The Symptoms You're Feeling Early Signs Of Cancer?

woman pinching stomach

Reading the signs: Are the symptoms you’re feeling early signs of cancer? Why women ignore the signs, and what they may mean. While women are busy caring for their children, their clients or both, there’s one important individual they tend to neglect — themselves. More frequently than not, women don’t make their own health a… Read More →

Fat Stem Cells Can Be Used Cosmetically, Medically, As An Anti-Aging Alternative

fat stem cell transfer

Phenomenal fat: Fat stem cells can be used cosmetically, medically and as an anti-aging alternative. If someone were to tell you your fat could not only make you look up to 20 years younger, but also save your life, would you believe it? According to local surgeons, it can — with fat stem cell transfers… Read More →

Kitchen Appliance Trends For 2013

kitchen appliance trends 2013

What’s Cooking for 2013?: A look at some of biggest kitchen appliance trends and the best appliances for 2013. Decorating your home may seem like a difficult task, but turning your kitchen into one of the highlights of your home doesn’t have to be. For those who want to stay abreast of the hottest kitchen… Read More →

Thyroid Disease Can Happen To Anyone, Just Ask Gena Lee Nolin

Gena Lee Nolin

Making waves: Thyroid disease can happen to anyone, just ask ‘Baywatch’ star Gena Lee Nolin. Are you struggling with exhaustion, noticeable weight-gain and severe moodiness? If you answered “yes” to all three questions, you may be dealing with thyroid disease. The thyroid gland manufactures hormones that control metabolism. Thyroid disease occurs when the thyroid gland… Read More →

Streamlining The Kitchen For A Clean, Cohesive & Organized Space

streamlining the kitchen

Streamlined Design: This contemporary look — streamlining the kitchen — creates a cohesive, clean and organized kitchen. While the economy continues recovering and the housing market rebounds, homeowners are looking at ways to improve their home’s value and aesthetic appeal. One of 2013’s projected enhancement trends is streamlining the kitchen’s design by matching appliances and… Read More →

Smile Makeovers: Improving Your Smile Throughout The New Year

Smile makeover

Beaming beauty: Local dentists offer advice on smile makeovers and improving your smile throughout the New Year. At the start of a new year, people tend to reflect as they make resolutions for personal improvements. While some focus on ways to lose weight or improve their style or fitness, many decide to focus on ways… Read More →

Bathroom Remodeling 2013: Create A Retreat, Go Green, Add Tech

Jason Hydrotherapy Microsilk bathtub. Photo: Jason International

The Triple Threat: Remodeling your bathroom? Bathroom remodeling 2013 calls for creating a retreat, creating an eco-friendly bathroom and adding technology. Don’t ask what you can do to your bathroom. Ask, “What can it do for me?” Does it provide an escape from your day-to-day? How about the ability to turn on a shower head… Read More →

4 Tips to Treating Dry, Winter Hair

4 tips treating dry, winter hair

Four tips to treating dry, winter hair 1. Trim those ends The cold air of winter, lack of humidity and central heating causes hair to dry out and become brittle. The drier the hair, the more susceptible it is to splitting and breaking. You can get rid of those frizzy ends with a healthy trim.… Read More →