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5 ways to get customers to return using exit intent

16 Apr

There comes a time in any website visit when the person looking at your site decides that they want to…

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Here’s how to avoid the dangers of social media

6 Apr

With recent news that the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook data compromise was larger than originally thought, with up to 87 million people…

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You are only worth this much on the dark web

3 Apr

Chances are that you’ve heard about criminals buying or selling stolen personal information on the dark web. That’s not news, but…

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Facebook will bring Community Boost event to Phoenix

28 Mar

Facebook is bringing its Community Boost program to Phoenix this summer to help small businesses grow and equip people in…

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New Internet law forces Craigslist to shut down personal ads

23 Mar

Craigslist surprised its users Friday when it abruptly shut its personal ads sections just days after Congress approved a bill expanding…

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Digital Air Strike adds AI and chat technology through acquisition

21 Mar

Digital Air Strike, the leading social media, reputation management and digital engagement company, today announced it has acquired the privately-held…

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4 ways businesses can overcome new Facebook feed algorithm

20 Mar

Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced some significant changes to the Facecook news feed algorithm that will ultimately affect both users…

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10 tools needed to run a business from your home

14 Feb

There’s no place like home, and because of that, working from home can be an absolute treat. You get to…

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DoublePositive is relocating to SkySong

9 Jan

The new year is bringing a new home to an internet marketing company that is the newest tenant at SkySong, The ASU…

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Survey reveals growing pressure on journalists to perform on social media

5 Dec, 2017

HMA Public Relations, a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), one of the largest international networks of…

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