AZ Entrepreneur, Coco Dixon Pennell, Founder Paramount Design Group

Above: Photography by Mark Peterman Business Leaders | 1 Dec, 2007 |

Coco Dixon Pennell, Founder

Paramount Design Group

Industry: Interior Design
Est: 2005

“When people ask what I do, I say I change lives.” — Coco Dixon Pennell

After packing her bags and leaving New York City, designer Coco Pennell made several stops before finally settling in the Valley in 2000. The desert has had nothing but a positive effect on her.

“I feel like a big fish in a small pond in Arizona,” says Pennell, adding that people who migrate here bring the “competitive edge.”

Her extensive design experience, including a 12-year stint as design editor at powerhouse fashion magazine Vogue, and her incredible drive, helped propel Paramount Design Group to success.

“I hit the ground running,” Pennell says.

With its unique approach and business plan, Paramount Design Group is commissioning new clients at every turn. And Pennell plays the role of a true entrepreneur — from marketing to designing to overseeing installation, she does it all.

“You’re everybody,” she says. “I’m passionate about what I do … each client has a story to tell (and) my goal is to bring the best living to them with the budget that they have.”

It is this intense focus on the clients’ needs — not her own financial gain — that has helped establish Pennell’s passion for realizing her clients’ dreams.

Her need to give back extends to up-and-coming designers. Pennell’s goal is to create a type of mentoring program in which designers will be able to use her showroom to establish their own budding design careers.

“It’s a huge undertaking … but the end result will be even greater,” Pennell says.

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