AZ Entrepreneur, Mack Newton of Newton Fitness And Mack Daddy’s

Above: Photography by Mark Peterman Business Leaders | 1 Dec, 2007 |

Mack Newton, Founder

Newton Fitness, Mack Daddy’s

Industry: Health & Performance
Est: Newton Fitness, 1986; Mack Daddy’s, 2006

“Show up, be who you are and do what you do.” — Mack Newton

Spending most of his formative years in Chicago, Mack Newton says he participated in martial arts as a way to keep on the “straight and narrow.” Little did he know this activity would eventually be the stepping stone for his future career.

Newton opened a small martial arts studio in Chicago, and eventually expanded to six locations. In 1983, he moved to Phoenix and has “loved every minute of it.” He says “the freshness, the newness, the endless possibilities” have helped him tremendously in his own ventures.

Newton’s Phoenix studio laid the groundwork for a successful martial arts business that has in turn expanded to a thriving niche in the health and performance industry.

“It taught me how to dream, and entrepreneurs need that,” Newton says.

Along the way, Newton has taken on the role of a true entrepreneur, expanding his position from martial arts instructor to author, conditioning coach, restaurant owner, radio show host and more.

Today, Newton continues teaching martial arts, but is focused on his restaurant, Mack Daddy’s, which features a menu sans traditional flavorings such as salt, sugar and white flour. Though some may ask how food lacking such integral ingredients can be flavorful, Newton is not worried about the fare being bland. The unique 3-2 menu, derived from the diet plan Newton created, offers a wide range of dishes prepared with only fresh herbs and spices.

With so many accomplishments already under his belt, Newton shows no signs of slowing down.

“I don’t look at myself as a finished product. I’m a work in progress,” he says. “Things are supposed to be tough, if it was easy, everyone would do it!”

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