Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends For The New Year

Business Leaders | 1 Nov, 2007 |

As 2007 draws to a close, we look forward to new beginnings in the upcoming year. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to wipe the slate clean and start the year right. Benjamin Moore helps us do just that with its new paint colors for 2008, a soothing selection composed of three lines: Modern Tranquility, Organic Comforts and Pure Opulence. Arizona Home & Design gets an inside peek at color trends and what’s around the corner with the help of Doty Horn, director of color and design with Benjamin Moore.

Returning home, the theme for Benjamin Moore’s ‘08 lines, is a response to what Horn describes as our hurried lifestyle. “(We) want to feel at home in any space,” she says. “Trends are evolutionary, not revolutionary. They reflect (through color in this case) the major influences of the day.” These top 10 colors for 2008 help establish a soothing, relaxing ambiance.

Organic Comforts
This nature-inspired assortment of shades is a skillful blend of the outdoor world with that of the interior. “Where the other (‘08 series) are much more light and airy, this color palette is much more earthy,” Horn says. Green, yellow and red is a classic color combination in hospitality settings, which is used to create an association with home — they welcome and comfort. Horn says the colors connote  nature — the earth, grass and renewed spring life.

Mayflower RedMayflower Red
Reminiscent of an Arizona sunset, this fiery hue brings the outdoors in. Names of colors in this series elicit “an environmental, nature-inspired theme…more organic and some historic,” Horn says. Just like the famous Mayflower brought colonists to the New World, Benjamin Moore paint ships new life into your home.  

Misted FernMisted Fern
Taking a cue from nature, the color brings both warmth and coolness to a room, striking an aesthetic balance. “Green is here to stay,” Horn says.

Sulfer YellowSulfer Yellow
A dose of sunshine does the body good, and this cheery yellow can have the same effect indoors, arousing feelings of enlightenment and clarity . A boost in color can also up energy levels.

Pure Opulence
“Pure Opulence represents the core of the center of the earth, it’s raw and pure,” Horn says. These elegant, deep-toned hues put a new spin on classic colors.

Cherokee BrickCherokee Brick
Projecting connotations of youthful effervescence, this deep-toned shade looks great on entire walls or just as an accent. Its spirited color effortlessly revives bland spaces.

Aegan TealAegean Teal
A burst of cool, this calming blue tone contrasts with the blazing red-hot landscape of the desert.

Ferret BrownFerret Brown

This rich brown represents minerals found deep within the earth, its luxurious shade is anything but dull.

French VioletFrench Violet

French Violet is like “discovering an amethyst in the raw,” Horn says. Like the precious gem itself, this shade is not only exquisite to look at but also highly usable and multifunctional. The color pairs well with a variety of interior spaces.

Modern Tranquility
The collection’s main motive is tranquility, a sense of peace and serenity. The colors seem to be infused with air, giving one a sense of floating. No color stands on its own, but rather flows together into one. Relaxing tones  were selected for the warm, comforting aura they exude.

Green TintGreen Tint
This lightly hued color has slight green undertones, perfect for subtly highlighting a space.


“Names evoke a color association with something familiar, yet inspirational,” Horn says. As delicious as its namesake, Latte is warm and enticing.

Litchfield GrayLitchfield Gray

Here’s a more inviting version of classic gray. Like others in the series, this soft shade seamlessly mixes with other colors. “It’s not about individual color, it’s how the color reflects the mood in context with another,” Horn says.

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