Defining complicated health insurance terms: What you need to know

Business News | 6 Apr |

In order for you to place your business in a position to be successful, you need to attract the right employees. That means you need to offer the right benefits. One of the most important things you need to provide for your employees is small business health insurance Texas. At the same time, how can you figure out if a plan is right for you and your employees? There are a few terms that you need to understand. 

The Deductible

One of the first terms that you are going to come across is deductible. A deductible is a term that is used across all insurance plans, regardless of what they are covering. This refers to the amount of money that the policyholder has to pay out of pocket before the insurance plan kicks in. If you are evaluating health insurance plans, you want to find a plan that has a small deductible. You should consider the size of the deductible, weighing this against some of the other benefits. 


Next, you may also find a term titled co-pay. Co-pay refers to the amount of money that someone has to pay when they go to the doctor. Even if the insurance plan is going to cover everything else, the policyholder is still responsible for the copay. A copay is put in place to prevent people from going from the doctor without having a good reason to do so. In some situations, the co-pay could be waived for annual health visits. Take a look at the co-pay before you decide on the health insurance plan.


Another term that is unique to health insurance plans is coinsurance. If you find that a health insurance plan has coinsurance, you need to read the plan carefully. Coinsurance refers to the percentage of health expenses that the policyholder has to pay. Even if the coinsurance percentage looks relatively small, keep in mind that some health bills could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even a few percentage points could be a significant amount of money, placing people in financial hardship. 

Lifetime Maximum

Finally, you may also see health insurance plans that have something called a lifetime maximum. This refers to the maximum amount of money that the health insurance provider will pay. If the lifetime maximum has been reached, then the policyholder is going to be responsible for every dollar of additional medical expenses. You should do everything you can to find a health insurance plan that does not have a lifetime maximum. 

Understand the Jargon When Seeking Health Insurance for Employees

These are a few of the most important times that you need to understand if you are trying to find the right health insurance plans for your employees. If you want to attract talented employees, they need to know that their medical bills are going to be covered. That is where finding the right health insurance plan can be helpful.

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