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Here’s what to do when monsoon season turns dangerous


Monsoon season is a time of peril in the Southwest. Summer storms develop quickly and play out furiously, and it’s…

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Rio Reimagined begins to take shape


Participants at the first-ever Arizona Forward Sustainability Summit helped establish a set of recommendations for the Rio Reimagined project that…

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ASU: Arizona Mining project will contribute $21B to state’s economy

12 Jun

Arizona Mining, Inc. announced today the results of an economic impact study conducted on the Hermosa Project, located outside of…

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How cities bank on future water supply underground

11 Jun

Valley cities rely mostly on dams and reservoirs for their water needs, but the snowpack feeding those reservoirs was near…

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Arizona faces another ‘challenging’ wildfire season, officials say

7 Jun

Federal fire officials warned a Senate panel this week that the West should prepare for another “challenging” wildfire season, after…

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McDowell Sonoran Conservancy names research facility after Parsons

6 Jun

The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy has officially branded its research facility, The Parsons Field Institute, in honor of a $600,000 grant…

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Don’t look to monsoon season for weather relief any time soon

3 Jun

What’s a monsoon season without rain? Trouble, according to experts. With Arizona in the grip of a years-long drought, conditions…

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ADEQ offers money towards repairs after failed emissions test

2 Jun

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) provides vehicle owners with hundreds of dollars towards repairs after failed emissions tests…

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SRP, AES launch groundbreaking energy storage project

30 May

Salt River Project (SRP) today announced contract execution and the start of construction with The AES Corporation (AES) for SRP’s…

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SRP works to ensure steady water supply

22 May

Yes, it’s dry. But Arizona’s continued lack of rain and snow doesn’t much bother Charlie Ester of the Salt River…

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