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Hikers discover prehistoric footprints at Grand Canyon

5 hours ago

When you’re out hiking in the Grand Canyon, you never know what you might see. You could cross paths with…

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Arizona lacks funds to secure at least 100,000 abandoned mines

12 Dec

After he started hallucinating, John Waddell began to believe he would die. He had fallen 100 feet to the bottom…

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Will Arizona’s saguaro survive climate change and drought?

9 Dec

The click of container lids and swoosh of zippers filled the air on a still morning in Saguaro National Park…

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Ducey will ask for $30M for drought plan

3 Dec

Negotiations on a drought plan for Arizona took a step forward Thursday when the head of the state water department…

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Lawmakers push to save Land and Water Conservation Fund

30 Nov

Everybody in Washington seems to agree that the Land and Water Conservation Fund should be renewed, but chances of that…

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Water scarcity in Southwest is the new norm, study says

30 Nov

The effects of climate change are not far off challenges for future generations. They are existential problems for everyone alive…

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U.S. groundwater in peril: Potable supply less than thought

29 Nov

The U.S. groundwater supply is smaller than originally thought, according to a new research study that includes a University of…

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Drought, heat and urbanization put squeeze on Arizona lemons

26 Nov

Citrus production, one of Arizona’s founding “Five Cs,” predates statehood. But today, the industry is stuck – and for lemons,…

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Lori Singleton brings a new energy to Arizona Forward

23 Nov

Lori Singleton is used be being an impact player. As one of Az Business magazine’s Most Influential Women of 2013,…

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10 tips to prepare your business for a natural disaster

18 Nov

When it comes to natural disasters, your business can’t afford to neglect to have a plan. What would happen to your…

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