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If forecasts hold true, California needs more firefighters

13 Apr

When you think of California, what comes to mind? For people living elsewhere in the country, they think of Hollywood,…

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Fountain Hills earns ‘dark sky’ designation for lighting limitations

4 Apr

When Ted Blank sits in his backyard in Fountain Hills, he uses his own observatory to view the night sky.…

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Arizona desert bighorn sheep are thriving

25 Mar

After a two-hour hike through rocky, cactus-studded terrain west of Marana – with a left knee that no longer bends…

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Arizona’s national parks use high tech to deter thieves

24 Mar

Microchip IDs similar to those in pets have been embedded in hundreds of cacti at Saguaro National Park near Tucson…

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Ecovillages in Arizona take sustainability to personal level

20 Mar

The residents of Wind Spirit live on 16 acres surrounded by citrus and olive trees, stony hills and played-out mines.…

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Chandler’s Bonded Logic gives jeans a new life

19 Mar

Bonded Logic Inc. is in the business of turning blue things green. The south Chandler textile recycling company collects thousands of pounds…

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Historic ACC decision steers utilities toward clean energy

15 Mar

For the first time ever, the Arizona Corporation Commission has voted not to acknowledge the energy resource plans of the…

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Phoenix, SRP reach historic water agreement

8 Mar

The Phoenix City Council has approved a 40-year partnership with Salt River Project to help ensure reliable water deliveries in…

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Officials build new homes for bats in Marana

7 Mar

Most people believe bats primarily live in caves, but the concrete crevices under the old Ina Road bridge in Marana have provided…

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Havasupai children ask Trump to end canyon mining

7 Mar

The beat of a single drum rang out as Dianna White Dove Uqualla sang a prayer for a group of…

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