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Keeping Your Secrets, Secret

15 May, 2013

A properly populated customer list is the life blood of many businesses. The Arizona Court of Appeals recently reminded us…

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Pending Favorable Legislation For Investors In Renewable Energy

1 May, 2013

Despite significant investments in renewable energy technologies in the US, manufacturing and deployment of renewable energy has lagged relative to…

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What Tax-Free Municipal Bonds Mean For Business

19 Apr, 2013

Tax exempt municipal bonds are a financing mechanism that has existed since the income tax was initiated in 1913. In…

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Impact Of Affordable Care Act On Small Businesses

11 Apr, 2013

The intent of the Affordable Care Act is to cover more individuals by making coverage more accessible to everyone, not…

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1st Quarter 2013 Report From The Arizona Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

29 Mar, 2013

With such uncertainty in the business world, the Chamber is proud to report what’s going right in Arizona.  In recent…

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Life after ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

20 Mar, 2013

Perhaps the only bad thing about a lifelong romance is, eventually, someone has to die. Short of an unnatural occurrence…

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2013: The Year Of Multifamily Mortgage Maturity

21 Feb, 2013

As multifamily property owners and investors in Arizona seek strategies to minimize risk and capitalize on opportunities, mortgage maturities are…

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2013 Strategies For Leasing Medical Office Space

8 Jan, 2013

The National Healthcare Reform legislation has reformed the way real estate fits into a physician’s business plan. Gone are the…

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Writing a New Book? Here Are the Tools

30 Dec, 2012

Success leaves clues.  If you seek the tools for writing a New York Times self-help best seller, look no further…

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“Your Call Is Not That Important To Us”

30 Jul, 2010

“Please hold — your call is important to us.” If you’ve ever heard that sentence then you know what it’s like…

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