Here’s how to find old friends and family

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There are times when you may reminisce about people you spent time with during your school days or cousins you played with as a child. You can often find some people on social media; however, this is not always effective. The other person may not respond, either. A people search gives you more information, so you have a better chance of contacting the person you are looking for. You can also search public records if you are curious about what their life is like. Enjoy a reunion with long lost friends after a thorough search.

Get Started

When you are ready to search for someone, gather the information that you do have. Go to the people search site and fill in as many blanks as you can. There are usually spaces for first, middle, and last names. You can even enter the middle initial if that is all you have. You can also choose the age range and enter a location. Perhaps you only know the state they moved to. Enter this to help narrow down your search. Start your search with the information you have, even if you think it is not enough. Sometimes you may recognize the information that pops up on the screen. An address or family name may look familiar once you see it. You may only have a maiden name of a female and be unaware of her marital status until you complete a search.

What to Expect

Once you send the search information, you are presented with a list of names that match. If you entered a city or state, this may be much shorter and easier to look through. An age is usually listed next to the name, as well as an address and relatives. These names may also be of people that live in the same house but are not related. If you only entered a name, you may end up with a longer list of names to look through. The information you receive may also show previous cities the person has lived in so you can better identify the right one.


Once you find the correct listing, you can click on the name to get more information. You can choose things like phone numbers, public records, and a criminal background check. Basic people searches are usually free of charge. The extras are also affordably priced and can be conveniently downloaded onto your computer. You can choose only the services you need when you use this type of service. There is no need to visit the courthouse or police station to find out the location of a person or pull criminal records.

It can feel overwhelming to try and find someone that could be anywhere in the country. You may also forget things like exact age or middle name if many years have passed. People searches let you start searching with minimal information. Since you can also get the names of relatives or friends, you may also find others that you are looking for while completing your search. You can enjoy a reunion with an old friend or family member after a quick search from your own home.

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