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Will ‘Tag’ touch your funny-bone?

15 Jun

“Tag” shouldn’t have worked. It revolves around a simple premise taken from real life, but it’s exaggerated and artificially extended…

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Long-awaited superheroes return in ‘Incredibles 2!’

14 Jun

Everyone loved “The Incredibles” in 2004. Despite feverish hopes that its ending was meant to signal a sequel, time marched…

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Come for the action, stay for the drama in ‘Hotel Artemis’

8 Jun

Heavily stylized, hyper-violent, original action films have experienced a revival lately. One could trace this resurgence back to 2012’s criminally…

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‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ is as delightful as its subject, Mr. Rogers

7 Jun

We live in a divided country. Discourse and empathy are in short supply, and a majority of the figures we collectively looked…

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‘Hereditary’ will leave you more than just frightened

6 Jun

Modern moviegoers are at a disadvantage when it comes to horror classics. Some of the scariest horror movies ever made…

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Review: Will ‘Solo’ please Star Wars fans?

23 May

There was once a time when “Star Wars” fans waited 16 years for the next movie in the franchise. “Star…

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‘Deadpool 2’ brings juvenile laughs and a broken 4th wall

17 May

As children, we enjoy juvenile humor. The key to a kids’ funny bone is often asinine and vacuous, signifying nothing.…

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‘Life of the Party’ isn’t so in this movie

10 May

“Life of the Party” begins with a generic pop song that would make you change the station after seconds of…

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‘You Were Never Really Here’ just might be a masterpiece

12 Apr

How should movie studios market arthouse masterpieces? There’s no simple answer, given that the majority of moviegoers want blockbuster escapism instead of…

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Silence has never been so golden until ‘A Quiet Place’

5 Apr

Many people know “A Quiet Place” as a horror film about dangerous creatures that are drawn to sound. Perhaps more…

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