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‘You Were Never Really Here’ just might be a masterpiece

12 Apr

How should movie studios market arthouse masterpieces? There’s no simple answer, given that the majority of moviegoers want blockbuster escapism instead of…

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Silence has never been so golden until ‘A Quiet Place’

5 Apr

Many people know “A Quiet Place” as a horror film about dangerous creatures that are drawn to sound. Perhaps more…

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Ready your mind for ‘Ready Player One’

29 Mar

Steven Spielberg has been making headlines lately. He called Netflix movies ‘TV movies’ and said that they shouldn’t qualify for…

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Wes Anderson returns with quirky and surreal ‘Isle of Dogs’

28 Mar

Wes Anderson is back and more eccentric than ever. Despite the upbeat tone that pervades most of his filmography and…

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Gear up for leviathan-sized action in ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’

23 Mar

2013’s “Pacific Rim” was an unexpected delight. A cursory glance would’ve suggested that it was little more than a ‘robots…

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‘Unsane’ paints a grim picture of seeking help for mental health

22 Mar

Let’s get this out of the way: “Unsane” is badly made. Steven Soderbergh’s decision to shoot on an iPhone is…

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‘Love, Simon’ brings inclusion to the teen romance genre

16 Mar

Ah, the high school romance movie. What was once a relatable and rebellious genre perfected by John Hughes has since…

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Is ‘Tomb Raider’ the perfect video game adaptation?

15 Mar

There are many filmmaking practices to master. Screenwriting, directing, lighting, costume design—various virtuosos have conquered these areas of expertise to…

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‘A Wrinkle in Time’ draws you back to a nostalgic type of fantasy story

8 Mar

Before the critics’ screening of “A Wrinkle in Time” began, director Ava DuVernay aired a brief speech. She explained that…

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‘Red Sparrow’ drags you through a brutal and convoluted spy movie plot

1 Mar

Movie trailers can be deceptive and rely too heavily on big names. That’s not the case with “Red Sparrow”: despite…

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