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Your guide to eating healthy at restaurants

16 Oct

A woman sits at a restaurant studying the menu with furrowed brow. She has begun an exercise routine and knows…

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Sun and skin safety tips to help enjoy fall weather

13 Oct

It’s officially fall in the desert, so you know what that means? Everyone is heading outside either walking, hiking, biking…

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Tips to deal with lower back pain

7 Oct

If you’re living with lower back pain (LBP), you’re not alone. The condition is the leading cause of disability in…

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6 healthy meals for good skin

22 Sep

A commonly used saying “You are what you eat” is used to encourage people to be cautious in what an…

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Fitcation travel experience fuses fitness, wellness and fun

20 Sep

Pack your bags and prepare for your “fitcation” — the ultimate fitness, yoga and wellness experience with a healthy dose…

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Tips to improve putting and play like a pro

18 Sep

Putting is the most important shot in golf and accounts for almost half of total strokes. If you improve putting,…

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Arizona Walking Challenge searches for businesses to step up

17 Sep

It’s time to dust off your kicks and get ready for the first-ever Arizona Walking Challenge, a business-to-business competition designed…

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4 things you should do to boost your fat IQ

16 Sep

If you’ve struggled with your weight, you know that fat can be a bad three-letter word. You’ve warded against it,…

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What to consider before buying a stand-up paddleboard

15 Sep

To utilize the recreational service of water bodies, you may need to purchase a stand-up paddleboard to surf, race, tour…

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Why probiotics are good for your health

9 Sep

According to probiotics entrepreneur Heather Holmes, the human body naturally contains trillions of good and bad bacteria that must stay…

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