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Flagstaff Fitness Week kicks Northern Arizona into high gear

21 Apr

This month, local fitness studios will come together to host the first annual Flagstaff Fitness Week in Northern Arizona to…

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Club Pilates will open in Goodyear

17 Apr

Club Pilates, the nation’s largest premium Pilates franchise, will open its doors in Goodyear on April 25 with a planned…

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6 ways the surfing lifestyle can benefit you

12 Apr

When looking at surfing as a sport, many people feel as though it requires a lot of skill. However, with…

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Tips to help make walking more fun and effective

9 Apr

With spring’s arrival and the days getting warmer and longer, people in Arizona can put on their shoes and experience…

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Top 5 vitamins you can take all the time

9 Apr

Healthy people brim with vitality and energy. Although a healthy diet and regular exercise are keys to maintain good health,…

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Why testicular cancer should worry every 35-and-under man

9 Apr

What if you found out that the most common form of cancer in boys and young men ages of 15-35…

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Gold’s Gym will open new location in Chandler

1 Apr

Gold’s Gym, the world’s trusted fitness authority, is returning to the Arizona market for the first time in six years…

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Suffering from sneezing season? Here’s some advice

29 Mar

Recent rains have created a bumper crop of weeds, wildflowers and allergies as well as plenty of sneezing for allergy…

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Tips to boost energy levels

25 Mar

When you realize that you feel tired most of the time, it is possible that you may be stressed or…

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YogaSix will open 5 new studios in Phoenix

24 Mar

YogaSix – a boutique yoga brand that offers a broad range of heated and non-heated yoga classes, boot camp style…

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