Today, the arrangement of a private land plot cannot be imagined without plastic structures, which not only decorate the estate or cottage, but also have a wide variety of tasks and functions.

Such an excellent modern material as polyvinyl chloride has long come to the attention of not only landscape designers, but also manufacturers of necessary elements of private property, such as fences.

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Benefits of PVC fencing

• PVC fences  have long occupied their niche among the many options for site fences. Polyvinyl chloride, of course, is inferior to forged or brick fencing in terms of strength, but it can easily surpass them with beauty and originality of execution.

• The second undoubted advantage of PVC fences is their low cost. Procurement and installation of PVC fence parts will cost much less than concrete or steel blocks or decorative stone.

• The undeniable advantage of such fences is the speed of installation. PVC fences for summer cottages  can be assembled in a matter of hours, which will prevent unauthorized access to the site as soon as possible. A quickly assembled fence will protect the owners from the annoying attention of unwanted neighbors. A dense PVC fence will close private land ownership from annoying noise, burning and smell coming from the highway.

• One of the important advantages of polyvinyl chloride is its plasticity, which allows you to give the hedges a modern, original and attractive appearance. This argument always speaks in favor of the owners of the site. A well-groomed and modern fence adds respectability to the estate and increases its value.

• In addition to the above undoubted advantages, PVC also has practicality. This material does not burn, does not crack, does not rot, and pests cannot spoil it. This fence is easy to maintain. It does not need to be painted or varnished. To put the fence in order, it is enough to wash it with water at room temperature with a drop of any household detergent. Even dishwashing detergent will do. Such a fence is easy to clean if drops of paint or other chemicals have fallen on it. PVC tolerates any solvent. If the stain is very large, it can be gently scraped off with a sharp knife. Do not clean the PVC fence with abrasive materials or hard wire brushes. Plastic can be scratched, dirt will get into the grooves and spoil the mood of the owners of the site.

• All fencing elements are also made of plastic, which gives a beautiful look to the fence. Plastic fasteners and additional elements will not stand out against the general background of the fence and will not spoil its appearance.

• The undoubted advantage of such a fence is the ease of transportation.

Fence with PVC coating

Such fences on a metal base or frame are an innovation on the market. The fence with PVC coating  consists of:

• from shaped metal pipes of a standard size, treated with special primers (pipes can also be PVC-coated), serving as an additional frame that gives strength to the fence,

• additional supporting pillars of the fence are also designed to give increased stability and strength to the entire structure.

Such protections have the richest color scale and a model range. Individual style of the fence is given by additional openwork plastic inserts of various shapes and colors.

Popular Models

Among the most popular models of PVC fences are the following:

• picket fence,

• chain link fences with PVC coating,

• blind fences made of PVC panels,

• combined fences.

Each option has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Deaf models prevent air circulation above the soil surface and prevent sunlight from penetrating. A picket fence or chain-link with PVC coating loosely cover the area from observations from the outside. The most beautiful and practical are the combined models, especially those that have mesh weaving near the soil itself, and the middle and upper parts of such a fence are made of a monolith.

PVC fence colors

The most practical and popular in our latitudes were recognized as white and beige, as well as the color of wood. But to create a single manor ensemble, you can order a PVC fence of any color and configuration. Even the most elaborate and bright  PVC fence  will not be much more expensive than a banal picket fence.


The height of PVC fences can reach up to 6 meters. But structures of this height are popular only among people living near busy highways. They close the private sector from dirt, noise and exhaust gases. The most popular are fences with a height of 1.5 to 2 meters for installation from the side of the street. From the sides bordering neighboring areas, fences up to 1 meter high are most often installed.

The form

The shape of PVC construction can vary from the simplest to the most unusual. When choosing a plastic fence, it is necessary to focus, first of all, on the general appearance of all the buildings of the site.

Quite original without prejudice to the appearance of the buildings look:

• wattle,

• english fence,

• fencing in country style.

It is also worth mentioning the picket fence, the slats of which are not located vertically, but at an angle. In addition, the gaps between the slats can be both very wide and quite narrow.

Wattle is perfect for plots and cottages that do not have high capital buildings. Such a fence will decorate a garden that has a temporary hut or a summer house. For large properties or non-permanent buildings, a country-style PVC fence is perfect.