In life, sooner or later we have to spend our honestly earned money. If we have $300 in our pocket, where can we spend it? Today we will tell you about the best ideas for what you may safely spend $300.

1. Invest in Gold

There is no better way to spend dollars 300. You may easily invest in gold than having physical gold itself at your disposal. You may buy gold coins and bars from mints, coin merchants, and other private sellers. Another way to spend 300 dollars is to invest in gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). They are similar to mutual funds but are purely gold investments.

ETFs are great because they offer a lot of liquidity. The ETF owns real physical gold, holds it, and stores the value of the stock. These stocks are bought and sold in the stock market. One big advantage is that the transaction costs of gold ETFs are much lower than physical gold. With the ever-growing demand, investing in gold is a very smart long-term investment even if it’s your 300 dollars, or you can take a small-dollar loan for 300$ at online loan organizations like MoneyZap at

2. Emergency Cache

If you have 300 dollars but you do not know where to spend it, do it wisely! Whether it’s a cash gift or a job bonus, always try to save extra money and not make unnecessary purchases. If you are paid biweekly, you will receive an “extra” salary (three instead of the usual two) twice a year. Either save your 300 dollars in a paycheck for your emergency funds or use dollars 300 to pay off other obligations like loans, credit cards, or other debts.

3. Alternative Bank

Put your savings in an alternative online bank. Transfer your funds for several business days before your 300 dollars transfer reaches your regular bank account.

4. Dental services

Dental check-ups can definitely affect your quality of life. It also allows you to prevent, diagnose, and treat the problem at the earliest stage and save money in the long run. Although dental services are usually very costly, everything depends on how you measure the value. Dental care is one of the best investments. It allows you to improve both your confidence with a beautiful smile and your overall health and wellness. Even if you experience money difficulties and don’t feel like you have some dental problems, it is recommended to visit your dentist at least once a year. That is why many companies now offer dental financing with bad credit to help people in need maintain their oral health. When it comes to your health, even your medical expenses can become a great investment.

5. Life Insurance

Immense wealth is often created through life insurance. By making small sacrifices each month, you may leave your family with millions. The younger you start life insurance, the higher the reward is. However, you can purchase life insurance for someone in your family and you can even get dental financing with bad credit.

If you had life insurance, you could leave a family with millions after you die. They will never have to worry about money again, and monthly payments are not as exorbitant as people think. This is one useful option when you have $300.

6. Find Awesome Mentors

Find a mentor among your friends or family members who have complete control over your finances and pays attention to everything you do. If you don’t have friends or family enjoying financial freedom, find a mentor online!

There are many guru blogs and websites that offer advice from many people who have achieved financial freedom. This is one of the options where you can invest 300 dollars without unnecessary troubles. Many forums share tips and tricks on how better to achieve financial freedom. Read as much as you can and start changing your habits!

7. Sports Equipment

We are not suggesting that more expensive sports equipment will improve your game if it costs dollars 300. However, your gear will last longer, especially if you have a better product warranty. So, if something breaks they will replace or refund your money, and it would be a good idea to ask your contact person when you need advice.

8. Education

There is no other feeling in the world to compare with the feeling when you understand another language. While some language courses are very expensive, they are well worth it. Classes in different cultures, religions and different professions will open up a completely different world for 300 dollars.

9. Trips

Travel can be expensive at times but it creates memories that will last a lifetime. A single trip to Europe can cost someone as much as a good laptop, and long journeys cost less than a car you don’t really need but do. Save up for a trip if you already have a starting capital of 300 dollars!

10. Music

Learning to play a musical instrument is a great start to a new tradition in your family. You can pass this on to your children and create new memories. You can also take a chance and spend around 300 dollars to try a new genre. Who knows, you might end up adding a couple of hundred songs to your music library.


The book will always be something different from every reader who turns its pages. A completely different experience is using your imagination to translate the words of the author into images in your head. Books never require you to turn on, charge or restart. This is something that is passed down from generation to generation. It is quite another matter to sit somewhere with a book and absolutely not distract anything. Books are doors to explore completely different worlds turning a page at about 300 dollars.

12. Food

Trying new food goes hand in hand with traveling the world. Instead of spending 300 dollars on a new fashionable bag, set it aside for great food when you’re on the go. Take cooking lessons that focus on food from different cultures.

In Italy, culinary master classes are offered in the vineyard. You may learn how to cook a great meal from an Italian chef. This is something you can take home with you and teach your friends and family. Remember, invest in things that create memories of instant material things. You don’t have to spend it all but if you do, you won’t regret it!

13. Latest Fashion

You shouldn’t feel guilty about giving up buying new clothes, bags and shoes from time to time. But it comes down to trying new bag or pair of shoes for about 300 dollars. There will always be a new hobby, and there is no point in wasting all your hard-earned money and wasting precious closet space on it.

14. Jewelry

Fancy jewelry is good to wear for formal occasions, in the office or while dancing at a party. If you afford to buy a dollars 300 watch, then that’s a good job! 

15. Cars

Keeping up with the latest car models is not the best way if you can’t pay off each one by the time the next model is released. This is a way to drag you into an endless hole in debt. You will never have a title in your hands if you continue to trade your car for the current year’s model (which probably costs more). However, you can save up to buy your dream car starting at 300 dollars.

16. Real Estate

It is better to buy a house in a good area, and while there are arguments for this offer, most tend to agree. In a decent neighborhood, you have a good idea of ​​what kind of neighbors you will have. You may feel better if your home gains value even if you make only minor cosmetic changes to it. You can start from 300 dollars out of your pocket!