RED AWARDS 2014: Most Sustainable Project

AZ Big Media events | 26 Feb, 2014 |

On Feb. 26, AZRE hosted the 9th Annual RED Awards reception at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix to recognize the most notable commercial real estate projects of 2013 and the construction teams involved. AZRE held an open call for nominations and more than 100 projects were submitted by architects, contractors, developers and brokerage firms in Arizona. Click here to view all 2014 RED Awards Winners.‎

Lookout Mountain 
Elementary School
Developer: Washington Elementary School District
Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Architect: Orcutt | Winslow
Brokerage: The H2 Group, LLC
Size: 85,000 SF
Location: 15 W. Coral Gables Dr., Phoenix
Completed: August 2013

The process of demolishing Lookout Elementary took place on an occupied and functioning campus. Now completed, the 21st century learning environment features classrooms equipped with smart technology. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment of the redevelopment was its implementation of an energy-efficient geothermal system. This system attached geothermal heat pumps to a series of buried plastic pipes and is anticipated to save the district 40 percent on cooling and heating costs, estimated to be $1.8M. Additionally, the school has water-efficient landscaping in its courtyard, multi-layered insulation throughout its buildings, high-performance window glass, and ergonomically integrated and multifunctional sustainable design concepts.
01_Lookout Mountain Elementary School

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