People to Know: Grenee Celuch, Concord General Contracting

Construction | 24 Aug, 2017 |

With her small town upbringing in the rearview, Concord General Contracting’s vice president finds herself successfully navigating both the business realm and the world at large.

Grenee Celuch graduated from Wayne State College with a bachelor’s degree in marketing after growing up in a small Nebraska town with a population of 210 people.

She is now living in the fifth largest city in the country, traveling to beaches all around the world and working as the first female partner at Concord General Contracting.

Her position as the first female partner at Concord humbles her.

“It speaks highly of my company, and that no matter who you are, you are valued,” she says.

Celuch’s passion for new cultures and places took her away from Nebraska to Arizona where she received her MBA in 2007.

Celuch has come a great way since Nebraska, triumphing in both her personal and professional life, acting as the voice for growth and creativity at Concord General Contracting.

She is determined for success, pushing herself forward after each achievement.

At Concord, Celuch is responsible for the development of “Ultimate Client Experience.” The initiative is the main project management plan that guides Concord.

Celuch started off creating proposals in the marketing department before she realized there was so much more to marketing within the company.

“The vice president and CEO were completely open with me spreading my wings, and I was given a lot of freedom,” Celuch says.

However, between her passion for her work and her dreams of traveling, Celuch finds it difficult to detach herself from the workplace.

She is always thinking big picture when it comes to Concord and the way the firm can grow.

“Some of my ideas come to me while on vacation. I’m always working. That’s just how I’m hardwired,” she says.

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