Best Western CEO David Kong launches blog

Above: pixelbliss Travel | 17 Jul, 2015 |

With more than 40 years of experience in the travel sector and the longest tenure of any major hotel brand CEO, Best Western International President and CEO David Kong has a unique view from atop the hotel landscape. Kong will share his perspective – along with the personal stories that have defined his leadership journey – in a new executive blog entitled “It’s Personal.”

“I have always believed there is something uniquely personal about hospitality, and for this new platform I wanted a title that speaks to both my own experiences and the industry itself,” explained Kong. “With the launch of It’s Personal, I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the issues I am passionate about and my hope is I can help spark conversations about topics that impact the travel sector generally.”

Kong’s inaugural post on the “Airbnb and the Sharing Economy” is now live on, with an additional two to three new posts appearing each month. In addition to posts from Kong, It’s Personal will also feature contributions and insights from Dorothy Dowling (senior vice president of marketing and sales), Ron Pohl (senior vice president of brand management and member services) and other senior Best Western executives.

“At Best Western, I’m privileged to work alongside some of the brightest, most inspired professionals in our industry. So this blog will include their voices too, and together we’ll create a vibrant, interactive conversation,” said Kong.

It’s Personal will be separate from Best Western’s consumer travel blog, which will continue to post a diverse array of creative and sharable content themed around the love of all things travel.

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